November 12th, 2003

What is my Title?

I want to put my current job on my resume. The problem is, I don't know what to put!

The title I was hired with is "Web Implementation Specialist." The thing is, my job has very little web implementing involved. I update and cleaned up their intranet, I will be putting up content for a new part of their website, but most of my job is graphic design, desktop publishing, making animated gifs and flash pieces, setting up promotional things like ads in magazines, signs, flyers, brochures, having golf balls made for giveaways at conferences (which includes all the phone calls and getting them sent to the right place, etc), and revamping their in-print image. I also assist the accounts manager with data entry as well as helping the vice president stay current on his paperwork and computer files.

So, what the hell am I?
Hubby and I

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In the comic strip hagar the horrible, what is the name of his wife?

I've tried searching for it and have come up with nothing. Thanks for any info anyone provides!
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da Vinci

Has anyone read The da Vinci Code by Dan Brown? If so, did you like it?

No spoilers, please, as I've yet to read it. I'm just wondering if it's worth the money to go out and buy a copy. :)

X-posted, btw.
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What are the first symptoms of pregnancy? Because I heard of this really big girl that never knew she was pregnant until like 8 MONTHS! That seems weird, so what would the first signs be?
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what's your favorite salad dressing?

and what are your favorite things to put in salads?

i'm a big thousand island fan. i like spinach, arugula, beets, olives, mushrooms, baby corn, garbanzos, grape tomatoes, and sunflower seeds.

i have an uncle (not a real uncle. but a family friend who we call him uncle. asians are big on calling non-related people "auntie" and "uncle.") who makes AWESOME salad dressing. he won't give us the recipe, so we have to keep going back to him if we want more. but i think it has dijon as one of the ingredients. it is GREAT with romaine, olives, fuji apples, peppers, and tomatoes.

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what's the coolest animal trick you've ever seen?

at sea world, they had a show with sea lions, seals, walruses, and otters. one of the actors was blasted out of a cannon, or something, and the sea lion gave him mouth to mouth. when he came to, they looked each other in the face, the man realized he just touched lips with a sea lion, screamed and ran over to the water, where they BOTH started to frantically splash water into their mouths, rinsing it out. i think the sea lion even coughed a little. it was really funny.

i once read about a horse who could do math. people would ask him math problems, and he'd tap out the answer with his hoof. he even answered correctly to complicated trigonometric/calculus problems! but then they realized that the horse wouldn't answer correctly if the person who was asking him didn't know the answer themselves. turns out, after the person asks the question, he'd look down at the horse's hoof. that's when he'd start tapping. once he reached the correct answer, the person would look up, and the horse knew to stop. the horse honed his skills so well that he even tapped faster when the person leaned in, and slower when he leaned back!

my dog's vet has a parrot on a perch in the waiting area, next to the receptionists. i think he spends most of his time listening to them because he mimics a telephone ring and says, "hello. mission san jose pet hospital. how may i help you?"

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two unrelated questions.

one. what's your favorite license plate holder you've seen?
(mine: i'm schizophrenic... and so am i!)

two. what words can you absolutely not stand when people misspell, especially over the internet?
(mine: you're/your and their/they're/there)

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1) Those who give mercy and forgiveness:

Are they weak? Or are they noble?


2) Also - who is/was Brain Weiss? Is he some kind of philosopher, or writer?
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So I was just checking out flights to Toronto, from NYC and I'm getting all excited because I found a really cheap one. And then BAM!!

The crazy fees are more than the cost of the flight!!

What the hell is that all about?