November 11th, 2003



I used to have to stay up quite late at night, now my body is used to it and with getting caught up with things online I don't end up getting to bed until about 5am and then I read a little before trying to sleep, I then get up at 1.30pm.
How bad for health is that?
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stupid bastards

i can't get pictures to load onto my livejournal anymore. it used to do it before, but now it's stopped.

i'm using just MSN for my web publishing...and i guess they decide to stop allowing remote loading anymore. harumph.

does anyone else here use MSN (or other ISPs for their image hosting)? have you encountered similar problems without them alerting you at all???

grrr. am angry.

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Let's say you're receiving a homebaked gift from a good friend this holiday season. Of the following list, which would you most like to get?

Chocolate covered Oreos or pretzles
Carmel covered Oreos
Tin of cookies
A quick bread or large-top muffins
Carmel apples with an outer coating of white chocolate
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I'm looking for some information on two towns in Quebec. The names of the towns are St. Paul and Long Point...I think that they're near Blanc Sablon...well at least St. Paul is supposed to be, I'm not sure about long point though. Any info would be great thanks...oh and I'm trying to find a map of the areas that these towns are in as well...
Thanks guys

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what was your first kiss on the lips like?

my story's pretty, bland, so i'll tell you gloria estefan's, which i heard on a talk show some years back.

she had hers when she was, like, 11 or 12. she was at a 4th of july nighttime barbeque, and this guy asked if she would kiss him. she was grossed out and gave him an adamant "no," but he continued to implore . . . "come on, it's my birthday!" so she reluctantly consented, and when she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, he turned his head, and they kissed on the lips. she was livid. then a decade or so later, they got married.

isn't that cute?
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do you have any favorite foods that your friends "ew" at?

i LOVE mixing cottage cheese and chunky applesauce. the sight of it makes everyone else gag, but i think it's yummy :)