November 10th, 2003

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My memory is getting me all mixed up.

Is the seinfeld episode where Jerry's scared to go near Riverside Park the one with the lopper? What was he scared of? Joel Ripkin? I can't remember!!

Oh man, I think I'm getting old...
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Interesting email error

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

Remote host said: 503 Send hello first.


(I should note that this is MY email address. There were no typos. I sent something to myself earlier, from a Yahoo group. I have never gotten this error before. This is not a new email address, & I've sent myself loads of stuff before.

Anyone know what the error means??
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Kitty cat problems

Here's the situation, and I'm hoping ya'll can suggest something that'll help:

We have a cat, he's declawed in the front two paws and he loves to go out on the screened in patio. Now that it's getting colder we can't open the patio doors so he just likes to stare outside. The problem is, my boyfriend's leather chair is in front of the patio doors and since cats like to be high up, Gambit (that's the cat) keeps hopping up on the back of the chair to look outside. In doing so he's clawing the crap out of my boyfriend's expensive leather chair with his hind claws. Does anyone have any suggestions here?

We can't move the chair b/c damnit we have an apartment living room and there's nowhere else to put it.

I'm not getting rid of the cat.

Maybe there's something we can buy so he can sit high up? I dunno.
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1) What part does Paris Hilton play in The Cat in the Hat?

2) Are you going to see that movie?

3) Why is American society currently obsessed with the behavior of wealthy stupid girls?

4) Do you define success as a journey or destination? I define it as a journey. Yep.
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I'm doing an essay on Hitler at the moment, can anyone give me any examples of why he was the way he was?

I know he had a bad childhood but I need more specifics.
If anyone had any reliable information or links on him that would be great.
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Address Change

If you were changing your address, which agencies/companies would you notify?
Please list anything you can come up with, even the obvious stuff. I'm just trying to make a list of stuff I'll need to change.

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have you ever heard someone be called a cougar when they like someone who's younger?

where the heck did that saying come from? i only started hearing it recently!

what are some other terms for people who go for the youngsters? (i've already heard craddle robbers)
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What's the name of that song that goes, Baby you're all that I need, when you're lying here in my arms *something something* heaven"?

I think it was originally doen by Bryan Adams, but I'm not sure. There was a couple pop covers of it this past summer I think....someone must know it!

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what's the story behind one of your scars?

i have a scar on my right knee. i was tossing a football around indoors, and i hit a light fixture, which fell off the ceiling and fell to the floor. a piece of glass hit me, and MAN was i in trouble!