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November 8th, 2003

(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2003|12:00 am]
The Question Club
Ignorant means uninformed, uneducated, unaware, is there a word for someone who is uninformed/ignorant and refuses to be informed, or inform themselves?
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2003|12:18 am]
The Question Club


Anyone else ever notice how the dimensions of advertisements on the sides of buses are the same dimensions as Internet banner ads? (Not that I actually see web ads anymore, thankyouverymuch Norton.)
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2003|12:57 pm]
The Question Club
Is there anyone else who lives on a certain type of bottled water, and when you drink another brand of bottled water, that tastes really weird?

I glug Crystal Geyser almost everyday, but when I occasionally get a bottled water from Arrowhead or some other brand there's an off taste to it.
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2003|04:45 pm]
The Question Club


did anyone used to watch that pbs kids show called the puzzle place? it featured a bunch of muppet kids-- julie, ben, leon, skye, kiki, and jody. they had a webus, peace police, a greenhouse, a cat named sizzle, and a dog named nuzzle.

do you remember one episode where the muppets looked all different and the voices were different (especially nuzzle's)? it was so weird . . . just for that ONE episode! it was about the mighty magic power pigeons. why were the muppets so weird that episode?

does ANYONE know what i'm talking about?
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birthday present for my boyfriend - videogames [Nov. 8th, 2003|05:41 pm]
The Question Club
hi, i think i'm gonna get my boyfriend one or two videogames for his bday - depending on the price.
he has playstation 2 and gamecube.
i don't know ANYTHING about video games at all, so can you recommend what are some good, popular ones.
he'll be 19, by the way.
oh, and i know he already has spiderman, tokur evolution or something like that, the simpsons, road rage, and grand theft auto vice city.
any help would be REALLY appreciated! thanks!
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friday the thirteenth 8 [Nov. 8th, 2003|05:46 pm]
The Question Club
is friday the 13th EIGHT available on dvd?
if so, do u know where i can get it?
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answers dammit, i want answers! [Nov. 8th, 2003|09:14 pm]
The Question Club


[mood |numbnumb]
[music |heres to yooou mrs robinson-the graduate]

which is it...? do you give up or do you grow up?? hmm?
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2003|10:16 pm]
The Question Club


hi. this is my first post. I've been watching the community for quite a while and finally decided to ask a question.

do you believe in fate?
what about soulmates?
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2003|11:09 pm]
The Question Club
this is kinda gross (i'd post it in too_much_info if i weren't so worried). so i'm putting it behind a cut.

my ovaries are up to no good, or why does my body hate me?Collapse )
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