November 8th, 2003


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Anyone else ever notice how the dimensions of advertisements on the sides of buses are the same dimensions as Internet banner ads? (Not that I actually see web ads anymore, thankyouverymuch Norton.)

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Is there anyone else who lives on a certain type of bottled water, and when you drink another brand of bottled water, that tastes really weird?

I glug Crystal Geyser almost everyday, but when I occasionally get a bottled water from Arrowhead or some other brand there's an off taste to it.

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did anyone used to watch that pbs kids show called the puzzle place? it featured a bunch of muppet kids-- julie, ben, leon, skye, kiki, and jody. they had a webus, peace police, a greenhouse, a cat named sizzle, and a dog named nuzzle.

do you remember one episode where the muppets looked all different and the voices were different (especially nuzzle's)? it was so weird . . . just for that ONE episode! it was about the mighty magic power pigeons. why were the muppets so weird that episode?

does ANYONE know what i'm talking about?

birthday present for my boyfriend - videogames

hi, i think i'm gonna get my boyfriend one or two videogames for his bday - depending on the price.
he has playstation 2 and gamecube.
i don't know ANYTHING about video games at all, so can you recommend what are some good, popular ones.
he'll be 19, by the way.
oh, and i know he already has spiderman, tokur evolution or something like that, the simpsons, road rage, and grand theft auto vice city.
any help would be REALLY appreciated! thanks!
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hi. this is my first post. I've been watching the community for quite a while and finally decided to ask a question.

do you believe in fate?
what about soulmates?