November 6th, 2003

  • poemi

the infatuation question made me think of this haha

So I e-mailed this guy I am utterly infatuated with last night. He hasn't gottne back to me yet, which is okay, I'm not sure if he has internet access where he lives.

Anyway, how long should I wait before I could maybe e-mail him again without being a crazy stalker?

AND if he doesn't respond shuld I even bother e-mailing him again?

one more

I think he may be a bit "out of my league" as much as I hate it when people say that, I think he is.

Is it possible to "woo" a boy via e-mail?

(no subject)

Anyone else feel uncomfortable when people you have been chatting with via comments give you their e-mail address, that it brings the conversation to a definite stop?

On a totaly differant note.

How would one get 'into' politics, particularly UK politics, I never really pay much attention to it other than with big stories that make the news but I'd quite like to get a little bit into politics, just enough to know how it works, what it can do for me and so on. Anyone any ideas where to start?
  • enyd

(no subject)

Are they still doing that 1-minute moment of silence thing every morning in public high schools? All my teachers said the law wouldn't last three years and now that it's been three years, I'd like to know if it lasted ;d

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How do i word these points for a RESUME?

  • patience with customers
  • Ability to take control of situations when needed
  • Good time management skills

    anything else that sounds good?? :p
    • iekika

    What does it look like to you?

    OK, so I'm very indecisive and I've been playing around with my LJ background for a while now. I really like the image I have right now but when I give it a second glance it doesn't just look like a palm tree if you get what I'm saying.

    So, would someone please check it out and tell me what you think. Can you tell it's a palm tree or does it have a striking resemblance to a pot leaf?
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    (no subject)

    what are some funny brand-name knock-offs you've seen that try to mimic the original brand with their name/label design?

    -i have a box of wheat thin wannabes called "thin wheats."
    -i've seen a bottle of soda that looks EXACTLY like 7-up, but it's called "lemon-lime up."
    -and i've also seen a box of cereal that had a tony the tiger look-alike, and it was called "frosted flakes of corn." hahaha!

    (no subject)

    when guys go for a regular physical/check-up, how does the doctor check out their cock and balls?
    i hate when i go for a regular thing and the doctor is all touching on my pussy >:(

    (no subject)

    In each group, from the options listed, which would be your choice?

    Home improvement shows: Trading Spaces, Surprise by Design, While You Were Out, Design on a Dime

    Snack: Ding-Dongs, Jell-O, Popcorn, Twinkies

    Actress: Angelina Jolie, Eliza Dushku, Reese Witherspoon, Jena Malone
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    • kit_n


    For a while now I've wanted a kitten. The first one I got was a little black female whom I loved and cherished and called her Rhapsody. But when I took her to the vet, I found out that she had FIV and only had a year or so to live. So I sadly gave her back to the pet store where I got her. It's been a few months now, I still want a kitten but I don't know if I'm ready. I'll go the shelter/pet store and see a kitten I like and want to buy it, but when I'm at home and think about having a kitten right next to me I don't feel like I'm ready and that I'm still grieving over Rhapsody. How will I know when I'm REALLY ready?
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    (no subject)

    I have someone on my friends list who I am not fond of...

    She has not been rude or unkind to me, but her entries are always about one of two topics, neither of which is interesting to me. We get along, but I rather dislike reading her live journal.

    Instead of being a total ass and dropping her, how can I get her to drop me? (Two of my friends in this community, it isn't you. I would hope you'd know that. :))
    • kit_n

    Can you figure it out?

    It's a Place...

    The first 3 words: A great act brings it down

    Last Three Words: You want clues? This one rhymes with 'em.

    It's not a greenhouse, it's the:

    A) White House
    B) House of Blues
    C) House of Horrors

    I have nooooo idea!

    (no subject)

    1. have either of your parents ever tried to hook you up on a date? like with their friend's kids or something?

    didn't it bother you?
    did it kinda remind you of an arranged marriage?


    2. why does does the paper with my mood ring say it should be kept from water?

    when harry met sally

    for those who have seen the movie WHEN HARRY MET SALLY...

    you know how they have the old couples that say how they met...well does anybody know if they're actual people, or just hired actors? i've been wondering that forever!!! thanks!
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