November 4th, 2003


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Is it possible to get a heart murmur back?
I had one as a kid, nothing serious, I grew out of it, but lately I've been noticing my lips and fingernails turning very blue like they used to - could I have a heart murmur back or is that impossible?

formal speech

I need to do a formal speech for drama class, and my prof suggested that we choose existing speeches done by "famous" people.

do you have any favourite speeches? anyting from Socrates... to Shakespeare sonnets would be fine. I'm just looking for some ideas.
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How does one stay active when they have a sedentary job?? I work out after work, but I'd like to incorporate more activity in my day. I am a bank teller, so I can't just get up and go for walks around the building!

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this is a strange question. i have shot glasses on my window sill and they look kinda plain just sitting there. is there something i could put in them to make them look a little more decorative? maybe confetti or something?
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gold trance lives in fear of gabby, gold trance

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Where's the best place online to preorder FFX-2? I was going through Amazon, but once I actually looked at the order I realized they aren't shipping it until five or six days after it comes out, and that just won't do. I'm fine with paying extra for overnight shipping, I just want to make sure it actually ships the day the game comes out.
  • sascha


I have a mini-cd mp3 player, and I'm currently making some compilation discs. I keep running out of songs to put on them. :-)

If you were making a compilation, what songs would you definitely put on it?

Some of my definites include:
The Used - Blue and Yellow
Sting and Mary J. Blige - Whenever I Say your Name
The Coral - Dreaming of You
Unwritten Law - Rest of my Life
AFI - Morning Star
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doctor's note

a friend of mine wants to write a thank you letter to her doctor for a successful surgery.

does anyone know how the letter should be worded?

any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
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It's All Good
  • shippo

Somewhat inspired by a question asked earlier today...

Are there any sources of information about partial-birth abortion that are actually objective and not horribly slanted toward anti-choice beliefs? Pretty much every search result I've found on the subject seems to lean toward "OMG they're killing babies!!!!1"

I'm mostly looking for information about cases where the procedure is necessary, or if it's an elective procedure, why "mothers-to-be" don't get abortions earlier in pregnancy.
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If someone may enlighten this culturally-blind person - meaning me...

What is so special about the rocky horror picture show? What exactly are those 'customs' that people have around that film?

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How many different currencies are there? How many of them have money in note forms?

Also how safe is online shopping? I think nothing of just putting in my credit card details to sites, which I'm sure isn't always a good idea to be mindlessly doing.