November 2nd, 2003

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CD Burners

My dad's been promising to pick up a CD burner for us since forever, and he recently told me that he didn't know anything about them and didn't have time to figure them out, so if we were to get one, it was up to me to find out about them. So, my questions:

1) How expensive are they? (price range, quality, etc.)
2) What features do they have (ie, what extra features)
3) How much extra are they with those features?
4) Is there anything else you'd take into consideration when buying a CD burner? What?

Thanks so much!
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Vaccinations ...

My university is offering meningococcal vaccines to its students. I had never heard of a vaccination against meningitis but apparently one now exists (some info on the vaccine and the disease). I always have a little trepidation when getting vaccinated because it almost seems like inviting the disease. I am a science major so I know there is very little possibility that a vaccination would actually hurt me but I am still wary. My question is this: Do you think I should just get over it and go get the vaccination or do you think it is not worth the anxiety?
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i dont wanna grow up

i have to job shadow someone for my term paper.
it can be any occupation under that sun (but note that i live in smalltown,usa... so astrophysicists are hard to hunt down.)
suggestions? please! thanks.
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WTF?! (Christmas style!)

Several years back I spent Christmas with my father and his wife-at-the-time, and I had the WEIRDEST stocking stuffers ever. For some reason it was a tradition in her family to fill the stockings with peanuts (the kind in the shells) and an orange. Has anyone ever heard of this or why the hell it's done?
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