November 1st, 2003

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What is up with my browser today? I assume it's a browser problem? No matter what page I'm on, Live journal, message board, my email inbox, ebay, whatever, all day, using the "back" button takes me to an error message EVERY time. Instead of to the last page. I suppose in the grand scheme of things it could be minor, but it IS rather annoying. Normally it only happens on Paypal, or bank account pages, you know, secure type pages where you should not typically use your "back" button.

So, any advice? What's the deal? I'm sick of this, especially on the sites where it's causing me to start things over, & re-login each time this occurs.


eliz :-)
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How would you pronounce the name Jadea?
I pronounce it Jade-a but my mum has pronounced it Jad-ea, I've used this online name for a long time as Jade-a it's sort of worrying all this time people may have thought it was supposed to be pronounced Jad-ea.
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What is/what causes an itch? I used to know the answer but I forgot . . . which is kind of sad. (I tried doing a search on Google but all I got was itching as cause of something, like an allergic reaction — I just mean the plain old every day solved-by-scratching kind of itch.)

DVD Burners

I heard or was told awhile back that to burn DVDs to play on kindda older DVD players (ones that can't play VCD's), I needed a DVD burner.

What are the price ranges for DVD burners and is there any really good brand to look for?
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