October 29th, 2003

getting the pill at college

i'm at college, and i can get birth control pills from the health and wellness center
i'm gonna go there tomorrow to find out about getting the pills
i've never been on the pill before, so my question is..
will they just give me the pills or the prescription for the pills, or are they going to make me have an exam or something first?
sorry if this is stupid.
Emily Porch
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Peace Sign

Where did the peace sign originate? I'm assuming it was around before the 60s, but who knows. And do the 3 legs of the peace sign mean anything?
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I am not ill, but I woke up two mornings ago with a very congested right ear. I've been taking over-the-counter medication (psuedophenedrine) since yesterday afternoon.

Is there a natural remedy I could possibly try? Has this happened recently to the rest of you?

Any suggestions (other than a doctor visit) would be appreciated.

Those damn pop up ads

Lately my computer has been inundated with popup ads. I'll leave the screen for like a minute and when I come back 20 will have appeared.
Does anyone know how I can stop or at least reduce the number of popups?
Are there any free programmes out there to remove them?
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I know that Vince Guaraldi wrote the theme song to the Peanuts, but what is the name of that song? Is it just "The Peanut's Theme Song" or what?

Also, could you recommend a website or store to get the sheet music for this song?

Thanks. :)
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leave your turntable on

(no subject)

I want to try out for the musical at my school, but chances are that the kids who are in drama and who are in choir will get first priority. The questions are this:

1. If the drama/choir people get first priority, why do they have open auditions for everyone, when people who might not be in either one will want to try and they won't have a shot?
2. I CAN sing--should I bother trying out anyway?
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DSL Services

My father's been claiming to get DSL for about a month now, but never got his lazy rear up to do it, so I'm asking his questions for him.

Which is the best service provider for DSL? (pleasepleaseplease don't say AOL)

What are the price ranges? (I've been told around 50 dollars a month, but I'm sure it varies)

Can more than one account be signed online at the same time (on different computers, o'course)?

How much faster is it than dial-up?

Is there anything about it that you personally don't like, or any downsides that the companies don't tell?

Thanks much! ^.^
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(no subject)

I've googled and yahood the crap out of this, but no luck.

Is there a standing US Supreme Court ruling that says public schools have the power to force students to stand up (not say, just stand up) for the Pledge?
black and white

Sorry for the short notice...

So my roommate is doing a scavenger hunt thing for the residents in our building and we need some ideas of things for people to collect. Nothing that costs much, if anything, and won't be horribly hard to get. It's for Halloween, but doesn't need to be Halloween related. She needs to finish the list tonight, so any help would be awesome... list off whatever you can think of.
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(no subject)

Is there a way to automatically fill in labels from an excel sheet? I have a thousand labels to make, and have the info on an excel sheet with the names, addresses, cities, states, and zip codes all in different cells.

This will take me days of constant cutting and pasting if I don't find a faster way. If I simply highlight straight across, it pastes the cell walls as well!

Any help??? I'm desperate!!!!!!!!!
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(no subject)

What is Audioslave's religious/spiritual connection? I've noticed many of their lyrics have religious meaning, and I'm wondering if I'm imagining things.