October 27th, 2003



Are there any interests that only you have listed? Or that you were the first to have listed as an interest?

The three that only I have are:
Petster (my favorite of my electronic pets, a cat made by Axlon from 1985)
Stepparent Adoption (I adopted my stepdaughter when she was 4 - I'm kinda surprised that I'm the only one who lists this as an interest)
Woodland Cemetary (my very favorite cemtary - it's really old and has a lot of historically significant monuments in it)
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How long does it take for you to read a book?
I takes me about 6 weeks to read one book, I read before bed but can never manage more than a few pages. I have a load of books to read and I want loads more but I read too slow!!
mmm...cowboys // xdark_secretsx

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I'm 15 years old and a sophomore in highschool. In chemistry, I am seated (assigned seats) next to a girl who's in special ed. She's just a "slow learner," she doesn't have any physical problems like that. But she's very lazy. Like, in class she often asks if she can see my chapter packet (has worksheets for the chapter in it) because she needs "help" with it, but all she does is copy my answers. And today we were doing an individual activity that she would have known the answer to if she had just paid attention in class. She pretty much relies on the helper teacher to take her through everything and do a lot of her work for her.

My question is, is there anyway I can tell this girl to fuck off? (politely, of course). This bothers the hell out of me.
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As well as my lovely Livejournal for my general journal needs I have an Opendiary for rants and essays, and I also have a Deadjournal and a Blurty journal - now the Deadjournal and Blurty journals are mainly just used for commenting on other peoples journals, however it seems like a bit of a waste - does anyone have any ideas on what I could use these other two journals for?

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whenever i wake up from naps, my heart feels all fluttery for about 30 minutes afterwards, especially if i didn't go to sleep all the way.

does anyone else get this?
and why does it happen? why does the heart have problems adjusting to wakefulness?