October 24th, 2003

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How much damage to the occipital lobe would it take to cause permanent blindness?

And, if damage only caused temporary blindness, how long would it take for one to recover from it and what kind of rehabilitation would be needed for this recovery?

And does anyone know of any websites/links that detail a person's experience with sudden blindness?

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Could scoliosis (a mild case) cause pain in one's leg?

I've just been diagnosed with scoliosis while the doctor was checking out a sharp pain I've been having in my leg for a few months. I won't have an appointment with him until next month so I was kind of wondering whether the two are related or not.
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A little help please :)

Ok, so I live in Erie, PA... I'm finishing up my senior year at Mercyhurst. I was in NYC last year getting my associates at F.I.T. and let's just say that the transition back to Erie life has been sort of painful at best...

I am bored.

What are some of your favorite things to do when you are bored, or any ideas you can give me of something to do with friends and roommates or just by myself. I am growing increasingly unhappy, due to lack of imagination that this campus sort of promotes.
Thanks! :)
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missionary position

it seems like with the missionary position, there's nothing for the girl to do except lie there while the guy does everything..
i know i must be wrong, so can you tell me what the girl is supposed to do during missionary?

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Is it just me or does Ice Cube never seem to change? He always looks the same age, and usually has the same style/facial hair. I dunno, he just seems immortal, fixed in time somehow.

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What's your most favourite book? I'm reading Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier for the third time right now and I want something new to read when I've finished it. I'd be grateful for any recomendations. Thanks! x
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do you do anything strange while you sleep? Sometimes I don't even realize it, but I clench my teeth, then when I wake up, my jaw hurts. And I drool in my sleep.
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