October 23rd, 2003

leave your turntable on

dreams are weird.

lately I've been having these pretty sensual dreams, and two nights ago I dreamt I was making out with this guy who I KNEW was a classmate, but he looked a lot different 'cause the guy usually shaves, but in the dream, he had major stubble and I found it really HOT.

So I go to my economics class today, and my friend Shaun hands me a burnt copy of Fireworks... and I look at him... and remember that HE was the one I was making out with in my dream; the one with the stubble. I was in absolute shock.

So--what does this all mean? Shaun's nice, but I am in no way romantically interested in him. So why am I having these nutty dreams about putting my tongue down his throat?
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mouse problems....

so my laptop has a fingerpad (not sure of the scientific name) and it's driving me nuts. the cursor on the screen from time to time acts up. my finger is scrolling around, but the cursor either doesn't follow what i'm telling it to do or will follow, then "spring" back to the original starting point or even further backwards from where i started moving it.
if any of this makes sense and if anyone else knows what the hell i'm talking about, please HELP ME!!! i've only had the laptop like 8 months and it's bugging me. i run microsoft updates regularly, i have norton antivirus and scan regularly... i can't imagine what the hell it is... oh yeah, the first time it did this, eventually my whole system went *kaput* and i had to re-load windows and clear out my entire computer, so i'd like to nip it in the bud this time and fix the problem before my computer dies...
anyone? anyone? =o)
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My eyes burn

Song dilemma

There's a song I listened to on the radio.

It talks about how everything's going to be ok tomorrow, but not today (or something along those lines)

At the beginning of the song, they say color.

And, they say sober multiple times in the chorus.

It's got a semi fast and 'happy' beat.

Oh, and a guy sings and it's got a rockish tone to it.

I haven't a clue :---------x

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Breath Of Fire - Flirty

Mixed Drinks

I was just wondering if anyone could give me their favourite mixed drink recepies? I want to learn to mix drinks, & I'd love to have my own small personal bar someday :D I just don't have any recepies
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