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October 22nd, 2003

(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2003|03:25 am]
The Question Club


Does anyone know anything about tag-boards?
Is there anything other than tag-board I could use - i.e. so I don't have to have the link back.
Also I have copied the html they have given me to the letter but it doesn't have the box where the messages are shown - have I missed something or what?
On a slightly Lj related note, anyone know how to do the Lj community search box correctly? - When I did it one of the drop down boxes was the same colour as my journal background colour.
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Hmmm... [Oct. 22nd, 2003|08:54 am]
The Question Club
[mood |curiouscurious]

Okay. I've been getting this email a LOT lately and I'd be interested in knowing what is the truth and what is fiction. I've already been to snopes.com and truthorfiction.com to find out, but neither one of them offered any insight.

Here's the forward. It's the one about President Bush's resume.Collapse )

Now, I know that some of this stuff is very true, but I figure that a bulk of it is false, exaggerated, or only partially true. If anyone could direct me towards a website or some resource like that, I would greatly appreciate it.

And two more questions - what do you think of this? And President Bush as a president overall?
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Dog Feeding [Oct. 22nd, 2003|11:53 am]
The Question Club


I have two dogs and a question about feeding...

I've put the dogs on "weight control food" since they live in an apartment and are spoiled lazy little creatures (lol). I work full-time and go to school, so I try to take them for a long walk in the park once a week for some exercise.
Anyway - since I'm trying to get them to lose a couple pounds and then maintain that, I'm giving them a set amount of food each day and that's all they get.

Would it be better to give them the full amount in the morning, or to give them half in the morning and half in the afternoon?

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boys and books [Oct. 22nd, 2003|12:30 pm]
The Question Club


[mood |hungryhungry]

I'm going to be eighteen in two months, and the guy I have a crush on is sixteen. Besides the fact that he's almost the same age as my brother, how can I stop looking at him and think "potential jailbait", even though chances are I'd never do anything sexual to him?

And also, which book did you absolutely HATE reading in school? (my votes: Johnny Tremain, The Martian Chronicles, Beowulf, and Call of the Wild. Oh yeah, and A Wrinkle in Time.)
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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2003|04:34 pm]
The Question Club


I went to the teen clinic to get tested for STD's and I usually bruise where ever blood was drawn... But I have this MASSIVE bump there now and I've never got swelling like this before. It HURTS and BURNS!! Should I be worried?
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*sighs* [Oct. 22nd, 2003|09:15 pm]
The Question Club


[mood |blahblah]

I'm so burnt out (motivation wise, not tired). Never thought this day would come. I can't describe it any other way than being burnt out. It's getting me depressed because I don't know how to get outta this rut. How does one become ...'unburnt'?
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Mozilla Dial-up [Oct. 22nd, 2003|10:07 pm]
The Question Club
I'm using CompuServe for my ISP - an AOL-ish browser - and I just recently downloaded Mozilla for the popup-blocker it has built it.

Mozilla is now my default browser; however, I hate my AOL-ish browser, but I can't sign onto the net without booting it up, and then afterwards I can't close it without signing off, so I end up with two browsers and I tend to go back, which is really a pain.

I visited the FAQ of Mozilla and was told to change my Remote Access Auto Connection Manager, Remote Access Connection Manager, and Telephony's status from manual to automatic, which accomplished nothing as far as I can tell.

Does anyone know how to dial up with Mozilla?
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Spanish Literature Online [Oct. 22nd, 2003|10:09 pm]
The Question Club


Does anywhere know where I can find Spanish literature online? I'm particularly interested in finding an online Don Quijote so I don't have to walk aaaalll the way to the other end of the house to get my hard copy.
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