October 21st, 2003


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At what point does rebelliousness become just another kind of sheepdom?

To put that another way, if someone dresses up in black and hangs out in coffeehouses, makes an effort to be angstier than the average bear, they're considered rebellious, or an outcast or however you want to put it.

But if everybody around them is doing the same thing, isn't that just another flavor of trendiness?

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I'd like to marry my girlfriend, but I'm not quite ready to propose yet (circumstances, not anxiety). I think it's going to happen in the next couple months or so though. Yesterday I went to the mall and did some preliminary shopping for an engagement ring since I don't exactly have a ton of experience making large jewelry purchases...or with getting engaged, for that matter. Any tips, pointers, or suggestions for me? Any mistakes or pitfalls I should be looking to avoid? What's a good price-range to shop in ? I want neither too small, nor too big...a little more than a half carat seems about right. Lastly, I guess I've always just assumed it's supposed to be a diamond ring...is there any reason I should consider something else?
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He is Driving Me INSANE!!

In July, I bought a pure bred Bengal for 700 dollars. I bought a bengal due to the breed 'supposed' personalities. I have a few problems with him. One is, he's not a very friendly cat. He NEVER seeks out attention (which is why I got a Bengal in the first place). My other two hates HATE him and he does nothing but harass them. Since July I can only remember him actually purring TWICE. He has litter issues. Sometimes he uses the box and sometimes he doesn't. I've been through hell (trying everything you could imagine) to permanently litter train this cat. And even when he does use the litterbox, he never covers it up, so it constantly stinks. I've tried to talk to the breeder about why he almost never uses the litterbox and why I didn't get the personality I was promised. However, I get nothing from her so I can no longer use her as any sort of resource. My mother wants to get rid of him, I'm not so sure. I mean he's cute and all but I certainly don't love him as much as I love my two other cats. I feel as if he is more trouble than he's worth. I dread simply coming home because I'll be coming home to HIM. But after all ... I did spend 700 dollars on him. Should I keep him ... or sell him?
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would you rather eat a warm egg salad sandwich while standing in a porta-potty with someone taking a dump next to you OR drink warm V8 tomato juice while standing knee-high in a wading pool of vomit?

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its been brought to my attention recetly that im not quite sure as to how to "preform" a decent lap dance. lol. ::bites lip::
step by step instructions?
remember, theres no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers ;) (trying to push some of the embarrassment onto you guys...)
as always, thanks.
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Why don't all of those "you only live once" people go out and DO something?
Why don't I go out and DO something?
Why don't you?
Why are we living in a world with no point? and if there is a point, then what is it?
Why does this bother me? am I the wrong one? The pointless one?

This has been cross-posted. and yes, I am young and stupid.
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Buying used furniture (specifically, a couch or futon) from places like the Salvation Army: yay or nay?

Common sense tells me it's a bad idea, but then you also have to wonder if they would sell furniture if it was potentially disease-ridden.
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so i get to dress up for halloween at school this year. yay for being a senior.
anyway, what should i be? i can't think of anything that isn't impossible or stupid. keep in mind that i'm not exactly a twig so things like tinker bell are a little out of the question.
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How do you feel about homosexuality?

Do you know someone who is homosexual?

Are you friends with him/her?

Would you be open to reading a love story about two homosexual males?
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