October 20th, 2003


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Anyone here use Opendiary and know how to edit posts?
I was a member for a few years before I came to LJ, I've recently gone back just for old times sake but I can't figure out how to edit posts, I can only find either delete or an option for making an entry privet, anyone know how to edit?
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depressing questions

on the subject of friendship --

have you ever had a close friendship end poorly and in hindsight realize your responsibility for it all? how do you let go of old shame and guilt and remorse for all of the drama and messiness? how do you learn to live with knowing someone else/a group of people will hate you for the rest of your life?

hypothetically, you know. :P
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I did something stupid this weekend. I tried to get a perm at Regis Salon.

My hair is fried.

If anyone has any suggestion of what I can do to fix or whatever, please let me know. My hair is a fried kinky mess that is pinned up today. Does anyone know of some super intense conditioners I could use. I tried all shower version of hot oil treatment and some v05 super intense stuff.

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how does one re-tune the distributor on one's car?

my dad took the plastic cover off and looked around, but found nothing. apparently it can be tuned without taking the plastic cover off. is there a screw somewhere or something?

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실제적으로 말한다 무엇을 그들이 아이디어를 갖지 않을 때 누 구가 외국 언어안에 무언가를 쓸 때 그것은 정당한가 너 떨어져 소변을 보지 않는가?
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leave your turntable on

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when it comes to singers, do you think that in order for them to sing a particualarly heart-wrenching song, they have to have gone through hell and back emotionally? Or can singers "act" like they've felt that kind of angst/pain/whatever and put an equal amount of emotion into the song?
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Goodwill Lamb
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Reordering checks

Well, the free checks I got from my bank when I set up my checking account years ago have finally run out. I'm just thankful I use my debit card instead of checks, now that I see how expensive they can be. O_o

Anyway, do you have a favorite place online to order checks from?

Grassy ass.
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what's your favorite stupid pickup line?

here are some of mine:

if you were a booger, i'd pick you first!
my love for you is like diarrhea . . . i just can't hold it in!
pardon me, i dropped something . . . my jaw!
i need a library card because i'm checking you out!
are you from jamaica? because jamaican me crazy!
fat penguin (girl goes, "what?") i just wanted to say something to break the ice.
how do you like your eggs in the morning? scrambled or fertilized?
if i said you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?
that shirt looks nice. it'd look even better in a pile on the floor beside my bed.
that shirt's very becoming on you. if i were on your body, i'd be coming, too.
you must be a terrorist because you're the BOMB!
do you have a map? i get lost whenever i look into your eyes.
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what are some slang terms unique to your region?

i'm from the san francisco bay area, and we say "hella" or "hecka" to mean "very."

my australian camp counselor said "barby" for barbeque, "tartan" for plaid, "skull" for chug, and "brekkie" for breakfast.

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Has anyone else had as much hassle from Healthboards as I have?
I posted a question and I ended up with a load of abuse, most of which I ignored and I carried on communicating with the members offering me advice until a particularly abusive member whom I reported - I have now been banned as I was the one who posted the initial post and the moderator has been equally as abusive as some of the members - he/she is also refusing to take down the post I made so the abusive comments are still going to keep turning up in my inbox, saying as I posted it I don't think it is too much to ask that it is removed. In the past a lot of people have had their accounts banned without any reason, no replies to e-mails requesting help and when asked politely for help on the boards help forum they have been permanently banned.
I really hate moderators who do not do their job and I certainly hate moderators whom are as rude as this, anyone else feel like this?
Is there anyone else here who was/is a moderator and gets annoyed at moderators elsewhere who don't do their jobs properly?

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Hi. Someone just sent me a .mov file last night, and I guess my default player was something called "movie player," but it didn't play it. I'm assuming it's an out of date player, my computer is pretty old...does anyone know of a good, free program/software that'll play .mov's? Thanks!

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Years ago when I'd buy Pomegranates, they were sour and such a deep red that they'd stain whatever they touched.

These days they are often very light in colour, not at all sour or acidic in fact very sweet. Even the darker reds (not as dark as hey used to be) aren't very tart.

What happened? Do I need to ask for a certain kind or from a certain place?
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Drinking, on average, five/six days a week whether i'm at home or out at some bar/party. Not to get wasted and puke my brains out (my tolerance for alcohol has always been quite high for the average 25 year old) just to get a happy pre-buzz--somewhere along the lines of 4-6 bottles of beer or a bottle of wine. I tend to drink more on weekends...

My healthy lifestyle :

A. Alcoholics anonymous?
B. Kidney and liver failure by the age of 30?
C. So...what's wrong with that? Welcome to the club.

your thoughts, please?
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