October 19th, 2003

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What is the worst/dangerous/meanest thing you've ever done? Lets all be totally honest and not judge anyone. We all have skeletons. It's confession time! I'll go first:

I had an affair with two married men and purposefully chased after a guy I knew had a girlfriend.

After breaking up with a psycho boyfriend, I called CPS on him and told them about a story he once told me where his child's mother had gone to a crack house with their baby.

Can you top mine?
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random and unrelated questions

Has anybody ever won anything (other than instant win food) from the McMonopoly game thingy? I'm a couple pieces away from winning like three different huge prizes... I must be missing something.

Does anybody here work for a company that frequently hires sign language interpreters and/or foreign language translators? My dad says that his company pays at least $45/hour to translators/interpreters, but I'm skeptical that I could find something similar elsewhere.

Is it really true that somebody who speaks several different languages would be in high demand?
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I'm trying to find an unbiased source of info on stem cell research. All I can find right now is websites form research facilities, which are really good, but definitely biased to doing research.

Can someone point me in the right direction?
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do you have any icons that are your "general usage" ones? Like, if you know you're going to post in a community, you use those icons versus other ones because you don't want anyone to be offended/annoyed/put off by your other ones?

I ask because I have four like that: my Liv Tyler icon, the Snapple bottles cow-tipping, (to a lesser extent) my Jake Epstein icon, and the Moulin Rouge one. The other six are pictures of singers I like and on general principal I use those in my journal more than I do in communities.

Is anyone else the same way?
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"It is an infantile superstition of the human spirit that virginity would be thought a virtue and not the barrier that separates ignorance from knowledge"

wucha think? should i have sex?
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My dog is suffering from what we think is arthritis in his leg, but we don't have anything for it yet. Today he's been suffering from it really badly, he literally can't walk and he keeps whimpering and I can't take him to the vets today as it's sunday. Does anyone know of anything I do to try and ease the pain? I tried wrapping his leg in a hot flannel but it only seems to work for a very short while. I'd be so grateful to any suggestions. Thanks x
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I'm sending my mother away for a bed & breakfast with a Spa in New England. Should I send her November, Dec, or Jan? November she has a weekend in FL, and Dec has Christmas, so I was think Jan... what do you think?