October 18th, 2003


are we screwed, or am i paranoid

Our family is planning a trip to Toronto this upcoming weekend. We have a few problems.

Last night, on the Amtrak site, it was said that everyone needed a passport or birth certificate to cross the border. My husband, who is usually the clause to the rules is probably the one who is most likely to cross without problems.

I do not have a birth certificate, and the state of Kentucky will take 6 weeks to mail a duplicate. I do however, have a registration certificate that proves that the state of Kentucky did file this, and that I was indeed born and do exist.

The worse problem is my daughter. She is not my husband's biological child, and Amtrak also stated that both PARENTS had to be with her or that there had to be a written agreement that the other parent signed claiming that she could travel? WTF! She has not seen her biological father since 18 months (she is nearly 5 now). The lady working for Amtrak said this wouldn't be a problem, but...

If people at customs don't ask for her birth certificate, we may be fine. Aargh.

What do you think?

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Inspired by a post in another community:

The poster was hungry and only had 99 cents to spend. Tell me, what could you purchase for that amount of cash to stave off hunger?
Bonus points for quality.
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Do you ever take your computer into the bathroom with you? I mean, you just really gotta go but you're working on something and you don't want to interrupt it....? I suppose this would apply to those of you with wireless laptops or those stupid cell phones that have the internet, etc.

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It is 38 days until my 30th birthday. I've been looking for something crazy/20ish to do before the big day. Anyone have any suggestions? So far a tattoo is all that has come to mind.
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