October 17th, 2003

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British translation needed - Is an SUV a big 4-wheel drive car, like a Landrover?

My main question is - why do many of you Americans hate them so much? I always read about people bagging 'SUV drivers'. Why do they inspire such annoyance?

I've been wondering this for ages.. grateful for any and all responses!

squeamish guys can ignore this

is it possible to build a tolerance to something you only use once a month? actually more like, approximately every 5 weeks...

i take tylenol 3 (tylenol + codeine) for cramps. i usually just take one as soon as i get cramps and then everything is fine. but lately it'll wear off and i'll have to take another one, or i'm able to occasionally feel them through the tylenol. they're mild compared to how bad they could be but they're still unpleasant enough that i can't ignore them.

i have noticed my cramps getting more evil by the month. like starting earlier and stuff. but other than that...
am i building a tolerance or are my cramps just getting worse?

never let the water run

ok... does it make a difference whether you wash your face with warm water or cold?

when i wash my face in the sink i use cold water, because it takes a solid 3 minutes for it to turn hot. and im impatient. i understand that heat kill germs... so is it worth the wait?
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Hated vs. Loved

"It's better to be hated for being yourself than to be loved for being someone else." Or something along those lines.

Fictional, true. But in reality, true or false?

Would you really rather be loathed by everyone you know and care about for being yourself?
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