October 15th, 2003


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Anybody ever kept a friend on a friend's list just because you'd feel guilty if you dropped? It's not like I have a lot of people on my list, so I can't just say I need to cut back either...
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Can anyone find me a link saying when the BCS selection show will be broadcast? It should be on ABC, sometime in the first weekend in December. A solid link (as opposed to "my roommate says...") would be great. Thanks!
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Protecting the rainforest, you have a load of charities out to protect the rainforest and they do just that, however isn't it just saving the rainforest for now?
I mean those areas may be protected now but how do they stay protected? We have protected areas all over the world which are built upon and destroyed, what makes the rainforest any different? Do they actually buy the rainforest and if so whats stopping people from just ignoring that anyway, someone selling the rainforest they own or whatever - or have I missed something?

Polite or Drama Queen?

Is it polite to announce when you're leaving a community? Several that I'm a part of have a post every so often with someone saying "Oh, this just isn't for me" or "I thought this community was ______ but really you're all _____", etc.

I think that sounds like they're wanting people to ask them why and beg them to stay, etc. If you're going to leave, just GO without the long ranty goodbye.

But if I'm wrong, and you're supposed to announce your departure, someone please clue me in since right now I come and go as I please.
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is there a test in california for 8th grader to take so they can skip 9th grade and go on to 10th?

i know there's a test for 16 years old to get out of hs, but i never heard of that 8th grade skip 9th test...if you know/heard of it, could you tell me more about it please? my brother want to take it, but i'm not sure where he and his friends heard it from.
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Win ME

This is a complete shot in the dark, but I'm hoping someone knows what I'm talking about.

My housemate's internet isn't working (we use cable). We know the router + modem works cause everyone in the house is using it. We've switched her wires, we've replaced the wires, we've restarted her computer many many times.

She's convinced that there's an option in Win Me where you can choose to disconnect and reconnect to the internet. She says it's in Win XP, so it's gotta be in Win Me. I'm not sure, I can't remember ever having that option. Anyone know?
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Besides spiders, what other creatures are arachnids?

I was pondering this over lunch today and couldn't think of any. I must be overlooking something obvious, perhaps?
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