October 14th, 2003

I'm smiling through the TEARS

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Why can't everyone just STOP SUCKING SO VERY HARD?

I didn't mean you, particularly. Just people in general. Unless you do in fact suck, in which case, WHY DON'T YOU STOP?
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Two questions:

1. Why do men get erections first thing in the morning?

2. Does anyone really like salad? - you know just the leafy stuff no salad dressing, salad cream, not in a sandwich or anything, just on the plate next to the main part of the meal, there seems to be a load of different types of packaged salad in supermarkets and it all tastes horrid.

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Let's say you're walking along in your daily life and stumble across a free book that you could read, keep or pass along to someone else.

Where would you hope to find this book?

(I need new release ideas for my book release program)

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In the interest of bettering the world and bringing folks together, let's talk stuff.

What is one product or service you think the rest of us should purchase due to its' wonderfulness?

What is one product or service we should stay the hell away from under severe penalty?

Yay: Tom's of Maine Deodorant, because it will not maim even the most sensitive of little armsypits

Nay: Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners with any type of chicken. It's terrible. Run for your lives.

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Each year we buy pumpkins, and each year the squirrels eat'em. . . . . first little bits, and if given the chance, they make big holes in the pumpkins. But looking at other people's pumpkins, no others seem to ever be touched by the squirrels. Any suggestions anyone?
cherry trees

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I've seena lot of posts about tomorrow being a day to protest Marriage Protection Week on LJ, but does anyone know where the idea started? I adopted an icon, but I want to hbe able to link to a good explanation of why i'm using it tomorrow.

For the Canadians!

I have to submit a subject to my History of Canadian Culture class tomorrow for a report topic. I'm supposed to take the subject, which is an opportunity to address a more quirky, perhaps more pop culture-y topic in Canadian history, and explain what the larger significance of the subject is in regards to Canadian culture and identity.

I would like to use Degrassi (perhaps all of its various incarnations - Kids, Jr High, High, and The Next Generation) as my topic, but am having difficulties figuring out how to explain its impact on Canadian culture and identity. Any suggestions/ideas? How has Degrassi helped to define YOUR Canadian identity?

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I feel like such a weirdo...

I've been talking to one of my friends I met on LJ,
Through my friend's "friends list."
I've been talking to him recently and I'm beginning to like him... a lot.
This isn't the lame liking someone who lives 200 miles away from me.
Because I have met him in person...

He's super sweet to me and asked me to go to a coffee shop,
the day and of course time he was playing guitar there.

Ever since, I've been super attached to him...
A girl has broken his heart for about a year now...
And he's still hurting... and I just wish I could hold him.

I'm questioning whether I should tell him how I feel about him
We still talk about hanging out some time.
And he's the only reason I sign online...

Should I tell him how I feel,
even though I don't know him extremely well?
...Even though I haven't seen him in almost 2 weeks?
Or should I just wait to get to know him,
better so i won't scare him away?


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Can anyone explain to me the differences between Marxism, Socialism, and Communism? I always confuse Socialism and a Marxist economy, and Marxism and Communism. They are all so bloody similar and intertwined I can't keep them straight.