October 13th, 2003

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boy troubles

So, there's this guy (isn't there always?) and he's adorable, and sweet, but painfully shy. He worked up the courage to ask me out on a date last weekend, and I said ok- I wasn't sure either way yet and thought it'd be a nice chance to get to know him.. only.. There's no chemistry, at all. He's too shy to flirt, or even hold hands. I get the impression that he's never gone out with a girl before- he's 18, a little older than me, and I'm pretty damn shy too, so the awkward silences are pretty bad, and I end up rambling trying to fill them. After the date, i pretty much came to the conclusion that this wasn't going to happen- I'd hoped he'd come to the same conclusion, but then I got a message. He wants to go out again next Saturday? What should I do? We both work at the same place, and I feel like everyone's going to think I'm a huge bitch if I dump him, because he's so shy, and such a genuinely nice guy. I wouldn't mind being friends, but I'm petrified of hurting his feelings. Help!
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what are the symptoms/causes/treatment for ap inched nerve?

i've been getting these spasms of excruciatingly sharp pain from my right hip to my right knee, and they last anywhere from 30 seconds from 15 minutes. when this happens, i can't move my right leg at ALL. the pain is nearly BLINDING! today, i was studying at the library, and when i stood up to leave, i found that i couldn't move my leg without feeling like i was having the marrow pulled out of my bones with needle-sharp tweezers . . . i sat there for about 15 minutes, tearing up, waiting for the pain to subside. any advice/speculations?
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Homework help....

I can't seem to find answers to these questions about subsidies:
What is a subsidy referred to as perverse?
Which industries typically receive subsidies?
What are the advantages/disadvantages to them?

Any help at all is greatly appreciated. I would even like a website about subsidies. I've only found websites that have to do with a specific subsidy, not subsidies in general.

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Does anyone else here watch John Doe?
Does anyone else think that it became rubbish sooner than most TV shows do - i.e.. that they gave us too much information and put too much of a conspiricy thing in the series for it to be any good hereafter?