October 12th, 2003

  • ozmala

Hmm . . .

Do you know if any famous people have livejournals? I heard Neil Gaiman does, but not sure if it's true . . .
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(no subject)

Any suggestions for a good quality, decently-priced 3 or 4 megapixel digital camera? For that matter, how great is the difference in picture quality between a 3 and a 4 megapixel camera? Two that have caught my eye (in case anyone's heard about them/used them) is the Canon Powershot G2 and the Nikon Coolpix 4300.

damn communists.

i have an indepedent study due tomorrow for which i must read the book RED IN TOOTH AND CLAW by PU NING.
im sick and uninterested and theres no way im going to be able to do it.
the book is nowhere to be found on cliff notes. are there other summary sites out there?? im one of those kids that *always* reads the book, i need a lil help cheating.
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photography help

I bought a Canon EOS 300v last week and its been going good. I just went to use the camera and it seems the shutter button won't work. It should auto focus if I depress it half way but it's not doing anything at all. The settings will show up on the lcd if I depress the button so I know it is working, it just seems like it's got a lock of some sort on. Can you help?
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Most Extreme Elimination Challenge was just on and I swear it's the funniest stuff on television. I laugh myself into convulsions, tears running down my face, and a stich in my side.

Is this whacky series out on video/dvd yet?? I don't care how much it costs, I want it. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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(no subject)

Is anybody in Student Congress? Do you know what form a bill is supposed to be in? You know it starts with "Whereas blah blah" and ends with "Therefore be in enacted blah blah". Or am I off?

I just love leaving my gov't notebook at friggin' school.
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