October 10th, 2003

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1000% daily value???

Ok, these multivitamins I've got here... Vitamin C: 1,000% recommended daily value. Riboflavin: 941% Recommended Daily Value. Thiamin: 800% Recommended Daily Value. Those are only the top three, there are several others that this contains several times the recommended daily value. Why? Wouldn't this cause an imbalance of vitamins and minerals? Or is the Recommended Daily Value only a minimum, not a specific amount you should take? Or is the excess to hedge bets against stuff getting wasted via digestion?
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Hello all!

Does anyone here have a YMCA membership? How much does it cost per month? And do they have a student discount or something similiar? Thanks!
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Travel questions

Hi there,

I am going to be flying through London Heathrow Airport on my way to Johannesburg next month and I will have an 11 hour layover. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about Heathrow:

1) Is the airport itself hard to get around in and confusing?

2) Are there places to take showers (and are they fairly clean) and to sleep, like larger chairs or recliners?

3) What about duty free shopping?

4) Is 11 hours enough time to do any sightseeing or should I just hang around the airport?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!

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(no subject)

You know how on TV people listen to tapes while they sleep and when they wake up they know all the info, or whatever? Like that one Simpsons episode where Homer was going to get a weight loss tape but he ended up getting a vocabulary tape and no one could understand him because he was using un-Homer words.

Do those actually work? And under what conditions?

I mean, they seem to usually be monotone with a deep male voice, so if I were to record my German vocabulary, monotone but not having a deep male voice, would it work?

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What is your opinion on "Jesus people" (I forget what they are really called), the people who come to your door or walk up to you in malls to give you pamphlets about God? I personally sort of like them, they are always so polite, but some people get really offended.
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A perfect circle... of dust

I have an older tv, not ancient but older. Something weird that I've noticed is that there always seems to be a perfect circle of dust in the middle of the screen. I'll clean it and before too long the circle will return. There's dust all over the screen of course but it's heaviest in that circle.

Any clue why? (I could try and take a picture but I'm not sure it would turn out.)
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