October 8th, 2003


ahhhh, my boyfriend is gettin on my nerves
cuz well we been going out for 9 months and we haven't had sex yet
and he hasn't gone down on me yet
but i'm willing to have sex
he's not
cuz he's worried bout me getting pregnant
which is nice i guess
but i just wanna have sex with him
but anyway
i always give him hand jobs and blow jobs all the time
and he has 24 hour access to my tits
um we do tit fucking sometimes
and that's mostly all we do
but he keeps bugging me to let him go down on me
but i really don't want that cuz i fell really nervous and embarassed that he'll think it's ugly or something!
shouldn't he be happy that i always go down on him and don't expect it in return?
he says he just wants to make me happy and give me an orgasm
but i don't want to i don't want to i don't want to!
ahh what should i do? help me!!!!
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how do people grow dreads? do they just not wash/brush their hair, and it naturally becomes dreadlocks? i once heard you have to add honey and other gross stuff. and what about when you get tired of them? do you have to shave your head bald? if so, how come some celebrities go from dreads to nondreads without a visible bald period? (eg: whoopi goldberg had braids for a little while, lisa bonet, etc . . .)

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Science questioning what it can not yet explain - is this questioning how science explains things or is it just trying to be critical/skeptical of something it can not explain?
For example Ghosts.
Will there ever be a time when science can explain everything and know everything?
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so if someone asks you if you would like to date them does that exactly mean? cus i got asked that the other day and now that i think of it, it could mean so many things...so im going to ask that person what they mean , but until then..what do you think?

i think dating is just going out and seeing if you further like the peson, but not actual boyfriend/girlfriend...but someone else said it was and it means some sort of committment...hmmm...to think im 21 and i still havent straightened these things out
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at whose house, besides your own, do you feel comfortable walking in, opening the fridge/pantry, and just helping yourself?

for me, i think it would be my friend megan. we're not SUPER CLOSE friends, but her kitchen just always had the most AWESOME food! she has a stay-at-home mom who can cook/buy food like there's no tomorrow, and if i were to ask, i KNOW she'd tell me to help myself, so i stopped bothering her a long time ago :)

Calling all computer smart people

Okay, so here's the deal. Our internet is wonky. I no longer can use Outlook or Outlook Express on my e-mail because it times out trying to bring in my e-mail.... one being a school account the other my hazelwinds account. After my computer has been on a while, the internet goes all weird in that my IM services work but not matter what web page I try to view it says "This Page Cannot Be Displayed". I have to reboot to use the net again.

Any idea what on earth could be causing this? My roommate's computer does the same thing with the internet and also will not let her go to any search engines...saying either "This page cannot be displayed" or giving some weird page that says This Page Does Not Exist. It's a green page... looks like a web page... so it's not an error like the This Page Cannot Be Displayed.

Suggestions? We are behind a router which makes me not want to call the ISP resulting in them coming out here or anything weird... since I don't think we're supposed to do that but anyway.... any help?
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So, alas, this girl is home sick and thinking...and she has finally thought of a new perplexing question.

What is it with men and big booties?

I know that alot of men don't prefer big booties, but it seems as though over the past couple of years, a round ass is alot more appealing than a flat one.

Coming from a female perspective, I just love curves. I think that women with soft curves are just sexy. I mean, Marilyn Monroe...capital H.O.T.

I notice this constantly because, I am Italian, and Italian women are curvaceous. I have a round behind, as well, and alot of males have commented on it. I've been told it's a good pillow, too. (haha..) And if someone is getting their butt smacked by their friends, alot of the time, it's me. Past boyfriends have grabbed it...alot. It seems like certain men are mesmerized by hips and asses as they sway back and forth. (And at times, I am very self conscious because I know it's noticable!) Think about it! It's like, "Bam!".

I once heard a psychological explanation behind it, something to the effect of men's subconscious telling them that women with larger hips were more fertile. Hmmm...

So, yes?
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Okay, this is for men, so I know what might be going through my man's mind...and women can feel free to add their opinions.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 15 months. We haven't talked about marriage, but we both know we want it and kids eventually. Life is difficult right now (he's a chef who works long hours, just moved to a new city for his new job, etc.) so it wouldn't be a good time to talk about it anyway.

A few months back, a friend aked me if a fake ring I was wearing was a real diamond. I said no, if it were, it be mega expensive. Then my man asked how big a ring $5000 would buy. A few days later, he asked what the groom's parents role in a wedding would be.

Is he thinking of the same thing I am?? Or just being inquisitive? Is it okay for a girl to bring up the marriage convo or should she wait for him to mention it?
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ive recently realized that i have a strange phobia: i am scared of large objects. trains scare me if im too close to them. large factories and mills terrify me. im browsing contrabass.com and looking at large, low-pitched instruments and looking at some of them actually makes me tense up in acute fear (if i were there with the actual instrument, i would probably be pretty scared).

what im wondering is has anybody else ever experienced this phobia (phobialist.com calls it "megalophobia") or one similar to it? if not, do you know anybody that has?
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Social Work stuff

not sure if anyone here has taken any couple & family courses or social work stuff in University.. but I'm going to give it a shot anyways.

what is it called when..
a set of parents divorce.. one of them.. say the father, re-marries with someone who has children from a previous marriage. the new family would have a combination of step-brothers and sisters.. etc. what is the term called? combined family? mixed family?

I'm writing a paper and just can't remember the term. any help would be great!
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do you have your own superstitions?

like, nothing you were told or taught or picked up, just things that you believe.

like i think that if you talk about something too much, it won't happen.

what about you?