October 7th, 2003


question for artists and parents

I have a 4 year old daughter taking art classes. The class runs for 45 minutes, and often she paints 3 or 4 pieces in that time. Because they won't let us leave the art there, we often wind up taking all these pieces with us and they all wind up stuck together once they dry.

Is there anything I can either buy or construct myself that will separate the pieces and keep them from all drying together? I am thinking something maybe like wax paper?
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FYI everyone - new rule.

No gigantic text or images that could screw up people's friends page layout without an LJ-cut. I also added in no images that might not be appropriate in a public setting (eg, at school, the office, the library, etc) without an LJ-cut. If you're not sure, just be safe and put it in a cut.

As always, if you feel that our rules are unfair and/or unwarranted, let us know.

And now for my completely unrelated question:
How much free harddrive space do you have?

8.3MB for me.
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Moral dilemma

Obviously, I have a dilemma here. I usually tutor this high schooler at a certain time every day, but the past week she just hasn't been showing up. So when another student asked me if I could tutor him during that time, I said yes (that was the only time we could meet).
Was it wrong of me to do that?
And if so, what should I have done? I'm wondering because I'm feeling a little guilty about this.

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intro and question

Hi! I've been posting and never properly introduced myself. Where are my manners? Hee! :) I'm Ellison, I live in CA. I'm married and we have two cats! Okay, enough of that...

I have heard that a good way to protect your face from the elements (pollution, dirt, etc) is to wear foundation. I used to like make up and wear it a lot, and now I don't. Sometimes my face breaks out, mostly it's fine. But would my skin be any better if I did wear foundation?

Also, do you use foundation, and if so, is your skin pretty clear? What kind do you use?

If not, what do you use on your face?

Finally, what are all of y'all's favorite products to use on your face and on your body? Because right now, I hate my body wash, and as I said, am sort of unsure about my face products, and could use some suggestions.


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A few years ago, I went to therapy for an extended period of time and it didn't seem to help, so I quit. Now, I'm going back to the same psychiatrist, and...I'm not sure. I mean, he's encouraging me to do stuff to let out my 'repressed anger'. And I am feeling a little bit better. I just don't know if I should stick with it or not. It feels really weird for me to say that I'm in therapy. I feel like people will think I'm some psycho, troubled serial killer or something.
What should I do?
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weight loss?

Anyone here trying to lose weight? Anyone succeeding? If so, how are you doing it?

Do you all think programs like Weight Watchers can work long-term? Dr Phil says no, but does HIS new program work?

Share with me your successful weight loss and fitness stories and I will be forever grateful. :)

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(no subject)

What was the issue with that fan and the Red Sox player at the playoff game last night?

All I saw was the Red Sock yelling at him and a bunch of the Red Sox gathering around, and the fan was thrown out of the game.
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driving questions:

Q: in your state, are there little flippy holder-upper doo-dads on gas pump handles so that you dont have to sqeeze it in the whole time?
what is the reasoning behind them being illegal in some states?
PS:(i pumped gas for the first time yesterday :) hehehe)

Q: do you know anyone who is just incapable of driving? its been 6 months... and i still suck. really badly. i dont think im ever going to get the hang of it, and really... im not just saying that.
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so did you all see the 12 year old boy that killed himself on the news? and his mothers in jail for it, because its "her fault"? what do you think? mother deserve to be punished because her son took his own life? isnt it often someones fault when another chooses to take his life? to what extent can you blame another party? what if that boy had killed his mom instead, would it have been ok because she was a bad mother? i think this is gonna be trouble.
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(no subject)

1) Does anyone go to high school in Iola or Halstead, both in Kansas?

2) In my government class we have to do this thing where we try to pass mock bills. I have NO idea what to base my bill upon. Prostitution legalization, music copyright laws, abolishment of affirmative action, lowering of drinking age, banning smoking in public places...ARE ALL TAKEN.

I know this is annoying, but someone help me out please.
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(no subject)

Sometimes, when you wake up in the morning, do you find that your eyes burn, almost as though something got in them during the night? It happened to me this morning and I couldn't figure out why. I teared up several times but it didn't go away until I put in my contacts (and it came back when I took them out . . . thus, this post). Maybe my eyes just hate me. (Quite possible.)
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(no subject)

sometimes when you purchase fruit that's not fully ripe, you are encouraged to put the fruit in a paper bag, possibly with the addition of a super-ripe fruit, like a spotted banana. my biology and food science teachers both say this is because of the emittance of ethylene gas, which ripens produce. well, i have a quandary. i have a bunch of hard pluots (plum-apricot hybrids) that i want to ripen, so i kept them in the translucent plastic bag they came in. they didn't soften at all! does darkness matter? if it really depends on ethylene gas, then it should be better that they're in a semi-airtight container, right? so now, i'm keeping them in the closed plastic bag AND i keep them buried under a pile of clothes . . . what's going on here? is it the darkness or the airtightedness?
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Adobe help?

I was hoping someone could tell me how to do something particular in Adobe Photoshop 6.0, specifically how to make a picture black and white but have only a peice of it colored. I really want to learn to do that.

(Well it's not in the form of a question, but I am asking!)
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(no subject)

Is there any way to find out who joined a community at what date? Like those who friended you and when things from marmanel? And what if you're the maintainer of the community, does LJ have a feature that lets you do that?

thanks for all your help!

(no subject)

what is your ideal boob size?
for guys: what is the ideal boob size for the girls you go for?

i'm just three-sixteenths of an inch over 5 feet, so i'd be happy with a B-cup. when i ask guys this question, i am amazed by the number of guys who are actually revolted by big boobs!
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(no subject)

well, i just finished digging through thte lint trap and looking under couches for pennies becuase someone stole my money. hmm, something about that last statement doesn't seem right. of course i am responsible for the 40 bucks, but am i to blame for their being stolen? i didn't sign anything or do anything that would indicate my responsibility in this matter. they asked me "do you want chocolate or rice krispies?" i'm filing a police report on this matter; how do U fell about it, and what do u think i should do?
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Two culture questions here

1) What is the phrase "OMGTHIERLOVEISSOHAIRY/RIGOROUS/SPIFFY/WHATEVER!!!1!!!" from? I tried googling it and got nothing.

2) What is behind all of the pants jokes? This one might be a bit hard to explain, so if you don't know what I'm talking about you probably haven't heard of it. I don't even know how to google this one.