October 6th, 2003

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Do you ever find yourself talking down to people more on livejournal than you would in real life? Are your arguments harsher or do you become nastier if someone misunderstands you or has a different opinion, in comparison if it happens face to face?

Do you agree with this Oscar Wilde quote?

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth."

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did you ever realize a difference between dating guys who have sisters and guys who dont...and if you did which do you prefer...oh what are the differences....

i've noticed a difference but i cant quite tell what it is

has anyone seen this music video?

it very much resembled a marilyn manson video in its lighting and general feel. lots of white, bright light, weird makeup. it had a bunch of men in white suit jackets, white turbans and white lines painted on their faces. then it had supermodels in weird makeup: their eyes were almost completely black. and then the guy had on the supermodel makeup...
has anyone seen this video? who's it by? what's it called?

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how did humans come come about to cry when they're sad? natural reactions evolve from necessity, like, we put our arms in front of us when we fall. crying is a natural reaction to particles in our eyes; how did our bodies associate that with emotions? neanderthals didn't even HAVE tear ducts! do you think maybe 1000 years from now, when people are extremely happy, or something, their arms will naturally fly in front of them? it's just as ridiculous as crying when we're sad! mind-boggling, huh?

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first off, i'd like to apologize if all these consecutive questions from me are annoying you; i'm new, and this is so cute and fun!

my question: have you ever tried nutella? and if so, what's your favorite to eat it?

my favorite is in a peanut butter nutella sandwich with really soft buttermilk bread.
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In terms of exercise equipment... what would be best to get? Treadmill, exercise bike or all-over weight set?

Basically I'm looking to tone, lose my gut and tighten my flabby ass and thighs
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