October 5th, 2003

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car clueless.

Okay, for some reason lately the gas in my car has been going a lot quicker than it used to.
I haven't gone any more places than I usually do on average, and I haven't been speeding more than I usually do (I know that burns gas, but I'm not going faster than usual). I'm also still using the same gas, from the same stations I usually do.
I mentioned how my car has been burning gas quicker than usual, and a friend of mine said it could be leaking... Is that possible? There's no puddles under my car anywhere I go though, so I don't really think so...

He also said that breaking burns more gas than giving the car gas actually does. I found that weird, because I've never heard of that before, and I would thinking giving the car gas would burn more than stopping??? Stopping is just that: STOPPING. If I'm wrong though, I'd like to know because I break a lot, and sometimes I break to the beat of the music in the car...

So I guess my questions are:
1.) Can my car be LEAKING gas?
2.) Does breaking actually take up gas?

I don't know a thing about cars, so any comments are appreciated because I really don't have a clue...


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Hello, I just joined. My name is Michelle, 27, can be pretty inquisitive, so from time to time, I might have some wierd questions.

But for now, is there ANYTHING that will completely get rid of the smell of dog pee? I have found plenty of sprays that get rid of the spot, but nothing seems to totally eradicate the smell. And being as anal retentive that I am, I bend down and stick my nose right over the carpet. If I can smell it, it makes me cranky.

On a related topic, what can I do about a dog that pees b/c she's mad that her owners have kicked her (not literally of coarse) off the bed so they can have just 10 minutes for a quickie before work in the morning??
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my neck won't move to the right...any suggestions? This morning, I turned my head and a funny noise like a rainmaker came out, and then it wouldn't turn without a considerable amount of pain. Maybe the noise was actually from somewhere else, but its a little strange that it was synchronized with the pain in my neck. Does anyone know what is going on?
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I am using Microsoft word for my homework, and when I need a better word, I usually right click and hit synonyms. My synonyms button is missing on my right click now. It comes and goes, usualy random. From what I have researched, that is one of the few tool bars that cannot be changed and Microsoft does not have a knowledge based answer for this. Google turns up nothing.

My Questions:
Where did my right click synonym button go?
How do I get it back?
Anyone else ever have this problem, or is my damn computer just haunted?
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what is your favorite infomercial?

my personal favorite is chef tony and the miracle blade perfection series, I can quote that one, he is just such a fast talker that I am endlessly amused. Second would have to be the aerobed, and third would be the "set it and forget it" cooker.

This is before I mastered the skill of sleeping in on saturdays.

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what's that movie?
where someone accidentally shoots a cat. and it's splattered all over a wall.

and i think there's a guy who looks like jesus (long hair and beard)... somewhere in there. and they don't like him because he's stupid, the people who live in the apartment.

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Where did the term "horny" come from?

How do they split the tip at a chinese restaurant when one person brings the food while the other fills the water?

My family has always loved Christmas. While my sis and I aren't christian, it is an enjoyable tradition, one which we all look forward to. My sis is now dating someone who hates Christmas because he hates anything and everything christian and refuses to partake in family functions (at least without my sister's begging) and things like going to see christmas lights (he absolutely refuses to do this and, and she put it, bit her head off when she asked). And I have a feeling that she will have no freedom to enjoy things like decorating a tree and listening to christmas music without having to endure his miserable faces. Can you believe this boob? How would you handle a situation like this?

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is there a number i can call to check my local time (los angeles)? cuz someone told me daylight saving ends, other told me it hasn't...i'm all confused...
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