October 4th, 2003


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Why would someone suddenly start getting hang overs?
I've been drinking for about 7 years and had never had a hang over till last week, I hadn't even been drinking much, also tonight after just a triple vodka and coke and triple vodka and red bull I've gotten a bit of a drink headache - I still drink the same amounts of water and the same things I normally drink, I've been drinking less than I normally do too...so why the sudden hangovers, am I just getting old or something (joke, I'm only 20)?

Magazine question

Where does one find out who the most renowned writers of a particular magazine are? Are these the staff members listed at the front of the magazine? If not, how would you obtain this information?
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I've been thinking of getting my eyebrow pierced. I'm a little nervous about my body rejecting it, or having noticeable scars after I eventually take it out.

- Should I be worried about scarring?

- Can piercers predict if the body will reject it by looking at my face and the bone structure, or something?

- Should I just suck it up and get it done already since I do want it, and stop worrying so much?

leave your turntable on

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is it weird of me to relate love songs to how crushed I am about how my best friend (who's a girl, like me) hurting me? I listen to these love songs and I can relate some of the lyrics to how I feel about this situation with us (like "I Can't Make You Love Me" and others), but I don't feel THAT way about her.
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Okay. This might be a weird question.

I've been getting these tiny little red bump things all over. They itch like misquito bites, but they are all the same size and are really little. They don't come in like bunches, just about 5 or 6 around my body. They have a little like hole thing in the middle of the bump, so im guessing it's a bug bite. I'm not a dirty person, and I shower at least once every day & wear clean clothes & wash them on a regular basis. My cats don't have fleas or ticks or anything, though one does sleep with us..she hasn't been outside for 7 years and she doesn't leave the room that she sleeps in. All my cats are inside cats so I dont think that's the problem. I don't know what they are! Any guesses?
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i tried to add a second hard drive to my computer. it wasn't sucessful. then my cd drives also not shown up on my computer. any idea what's up? how can i get my cd drives back?
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