October 2nd, 2003


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Does anyone remember Gonks?
They were toys from about 70's-80's that had big black glassy eyes and the softest fur ever all over them (possibly real rabbit hair), I had a red rabbit one and my friend had a white rabbit and a pink rabbit but I am sure they had other animals like cats.
Does anyone know where I can get an image of one?
I'm trying to find it to prove to Gonk from Antiproduct that there was such a toy but I can't find it through searches on Yahoo! all I find in relation to 'gonk' and 'toy' is either Star wars driods or furry headed penis's.
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so, women... do you think that in a married relationship, a man should have complete dominance over the house? I personally lean toward the "equal balance" theory, mainly because much as I may love whoever I could end up marrying, I wouldn't want him dictating EVERYTHING.
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The randomness of it all

My questions are going to sound totally random, but here they are:

1.) Has anyone ever seen Voodoo Academy? If so, what did you think of it?

2.) What is the one thing that someone can do that will always piss you off?

3.) Do you think that what a person wears is basis for judgment? If so, if someone wears nice clothes, does that mean he/she is shallow?

4.) Is someone shallow if they judging people by what they wear?

5.) Does anyone know the rules for Rugby?
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Searching for a music video

There's a video my son is searching for, he doesn't know the name of the singer or the song but in the video there is a car accident involving a woman dying but in the ending it turns out the man is the one dying and the whole video was some kind of "life passing before his eyes". Has anyone seen this or know the name of it?