October 1st, 2003

gear heart

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I am looking to sell some items quickly and was wondering everyone's opinion on pawn shops. Mostly I will be selling jewelry and electronics such as TV's and DVD players, stuff I'm pretty sure pawn shops like.

Is this the best way to go about getting some quick money?
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new job concern

I just got a new job, and it is great. The people are nice, good benefits, professional yet comfortable environment, and not a hard commute. I work with engineers and salesmen, all around 20 years my senior.

While they are all nice, there is a gentleman here who seems to be nicer than I am used to. He doesn't target only me with his "niceness," and he is a perfect gentleman and very helpful. But he calls me "sunshine" all the time (calls another woman "hopeful"), and makes comments about working with "a pretty girl." It is the kind of environment where there is respect, but one of the ways they show respect is holding the door open for the ladies, not letting them carry heavy items, and things of that nature.

I have never worked in an environment where my gender was obvious. It isn't an "issue," but simply apparent that I am different than the men.

I don't know what to make of the situation, and I have never had co-workers commenting on my being a "pretty girl."

What do any of you make of it? Not a big deal? Just a generation difference? Am I being paranoid? I am afraid that, if I mention it, I will look silly. None of the other women here seem to mind it at all. In fact, they get a kick out of it.

Race Question...

Note: I'm not trying to stir anything up, I'm just merely asking a question...

If you are of mixed race, particularly 1/2 minority and 1/2 caucasian, how do you decide on questionaires, forms, documents, etc., which race to put down? And do you put down different races for different occasions? I'm "guessing" that most will answer I put down such and such a race, because I identify most with it, so then I would ask, why do you identify the most with that particular race?
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Fear Factor

Did anyone watch Fear Factor on Monday? I saw up to when the cute little Timberwolves cheerleader ate the african spiders but I missed the rest. What happened after?