September 27th, 2003


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if you lose a phone (i have a nokia 3361), is it possible to disable it so other people can't use it? Or would they just be able to recharge it and use it normally? And is there a way you can find out where a phone is if it is lost without calling it?
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*hopes this question doesn't violate...anything*

This question has two parts:

Part A:
Does anyone at all own Texas-based band, River Train's, "Eleven?"

Part B:
If you do, could you tell me who's listed on the inlay as "second engineer" or if the name Leah Moss is printed anywhere inside?

I worked with this band awhile back and I don't think I was given the credit I was promised by the producer...

Thanks in advance!
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It's a known fact that when people pet their pets, it has amazing health benefits. For example, it lowers stress and ones blood pressure. But I wonder .... cats/dogs love getting petted too, do they get the same benefits being petted?
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Anyone that majored in Creative Writing, Literature, or something similiar, what do you do for a living now? Even if it isn't completely in the vein of literature, did your studies end up benefitting you?

I'm kind of reluctant to choose a major that will be of little use after college, especially since I have absolutely no inclination towards any particular career right now (I need to keep my options open).