September 26th, 2003

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     What do you do, when you are forced into an environment you cannot handle? What do you do when there is no way out? How do you act, if you are not only forced, but expected to do well? It's like asking an amputee to run a marathon. How do you respond, KNOWING you will fail? And well aware your performance will be seen by many. Not only that, but it will measure your worth as a human being.
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Cruel, but aren't we all at least a little?

Do you ever feel like you've earned the right to mock something/someone? I know that sounds cruel, but I sometimes do. Two cases:

My sister was soooo into boybands. In my eyes it was perfectly acceptable for me to mock her, because I've been there, I was a big ole New Kids on the Block fangirl in their day. But when our litte brother would mock her, I'd get on his case for it. He was never there, what does he know?

Another one is the general population of whitet trash/trailor trash and of course rednecks which just about everyone makes fun of. I did my time, I lived in one of the trashiest trailor parks in Nashville in the proximity of drug dealers, hookers and god knows what else. I've been forced to wear hand-me-downs from relatives I barely know, etc. I've lived the life. And as far as rednecks go well... if you've ever heard me talk about my extended family then you know they DEFINATELY count as rednecks.
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Do you think it's fair to give Saturday school to a student who was late to school (but their parents called in to inform you of their tardiness) when there are SO many other offenses to issue Saturday school to?
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When someone is obviously trying to be an ass when in traffic, ie, cutting you off, refusing to let you in, etc, what is your reaction? Why do you think people do this? Do YOU do it and why?
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Okay. So I met this girl a few weeks ago and I think she's really awesome and she seems to think the same of me, and I read her journal and she reads mine and we see each other every weekend but since I'm really shy it's hard to start conversation (or rather, she starts them but I have a hard time encouraging them). A musician we both love is coming soon and tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. Her problem is she's broke at the moment, but she REALLY wants to go .. She posted in her journal (directed to her other friends, not me of course) about how she always buys people tickets to shows and lets them pay her back, but this one time she needs it no one is letting her. Not to mention I'd really like to take this opportunity to maybe hang out and get to know each other better.

Given the only slight relationship you have with this person (you hope to become better friends if it weren't for that stupid shy thing, which might actually be social anxiety but whatever), would you buy a ticket for her and let her pay you back? We're talking $40-$60 here.

Usually my friendships do start out with a gesture/sacrifice on my part and this seems appropriate .. But that is a lot of money.
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Water chesnuts

My wife wants to know what a water chesnut is.

Is it really a nut with a hard shell?

Is it normally soft like they have it in Chinese dishes or is it because it's soaked in water?

Does it really grow in water?

Anyother information about water chesnuts would be great.