September 25th, 2003

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my school yearbooks just came in today. My school's never had a REAL yearbook--comes out at the end of the year for everyone to sign, you know? The only reason I could figure for why we have a fall yearbook versus spring is for prom pictures. Could there be other reasons?
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Psychology Assignment

“Hi. I’m surveying people trying to determine the general public’s knowledge and feelings about schizophrenia. It’s completely confidential and you don’t have to complete it if you do not want to. Would you like to answer a few questions?”

1) What are the symptoms of schizophrenia?

2) What do you think causes schizophernia?

3) How is schizophrenia best treated?

4) What percentage of the population do you think suffers from schizophrenia?

Thank you for your time, these results will be combined into group data and presented to a psychology class.
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I think the cover was blue... but I could be wrong

Okay, if anyone can answer me this they deserve a medal. Either way they'd be ending years of wondering.

My dad used to have this comic book (book form not all magazine-ish like the comics you buy every couple of weeks) that was based on Star Trek. All you ever saw was the Enterprise, and whatever else was going on around it (they talked to a monolith a lot... at least I think it was a monolith) and I used to read it ALL the time.

I have no idea how to find this but I seriously want a copy. Anyone have any ideas?

[Edit] I found out what it was! The one my dad has was called "Who's that Monolith I Saw You With" and there's another one "Son of Monolith" by Michael Goodwin.
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Two questions:

1.) I came out of class today, and I sneezed 3 times in a row. Why does the sun make people sneeze?

2.) My friends has a BIG crush on this kid Josh, who happens to be rather flirtacious, and she knows this. He asked her to the movies on Saturday, and of course she said yes. Based on how he acts when we all hang out, it LOOKED like he was interested in her and I really thought so. So she see's him with this other girl a lot, and she's like, "I think Josh likes Manda..." Being a good friend, and truly believing otherwise, I said, "No way, he SO likes you..." Then, on the way to class I saw Josh and Manda. Josh walked her to her class, and then they kissed... She's supposed to be going to the movies tomarrow night, and she THINKS it's like a date...
She is my best friend, and I don't know if I should say something, so that way maybe she can call it off...or let her find out herself, and pretend I didn't see anything??? Tomarrow is Friday...
HELP! What do I do...?

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feelin' lucky?

do you have a good luck charm? What is it?

Mine is a ball chain necklace with a little charm that has the Chinese symbol for "love" on it. I wear it whenever I think I need a little boost of luck, like when I audition for something or take a major test. I'll probably wear it when I go to college interviews, come to think of it.
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Question: what does motrin do, and what other medications can/can it not be mixed with?

In general, what off-the-shelf medications can be mixed, and how? (ie, you can take advil two hours after you've taken tylenol.) Which ones should definitly not be taken together?
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Do all types of antibiotic affect the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill?

Why is that? And how long do the antibiotics do that for after you stop taking them?
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