September 22nd, 2003

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Alice in Wonderland

In Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland they ask Alice a riddle about a raven and a writing desk.

first question: what was the riddle again? (I could remember earlier but for some reason it's completley slipped my mind at the moment.)

second: is there even an answer to it?
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I hear people screaming about the RIAA left and right, but while they've done plenty most people consider unethical... have they really done anything illegal, as opposed to those they're suing?
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my school's homecoming game just happens to be on Halloween. And I want to dress up. I have this one idea that I've had forever (get a roll of yellow "CAUTION" tape, wrap it around myself, and say I'm a human hazard), but I'm not sure if everyone would get it.

Does anyone else have a better costume idea? Or do you think being a human hazard is a good one?
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What do you think of the people on this site? I found this site ages ago and I remember making fun of it, but due to some circumstances, it just has me really confused.

As a follow-up... do you think you can make yourself really believe in something? As in, is faith something that has to come naturally, or can you acquire it through force of will?
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A constant worry

Okay, now a serious question.

A while back I had some medical stuff done. I don't even remember what it was for, but instead of sending the bill (which I think is like $26) to my house they sent it to my mom's. My mom lost the bill. About a month or so ago my mom got another bill for $26 and she called the place to give them my address change, then threw it away. I'm figuring that's the same bill.

I have no idea how to find out how to pay this damned thing but I'd really like to. I'm scared to death that it's going to screw up my credit (which is non-existant right now) and that they'll cancel my insurance or something. (If it helps, I've paid my insurance each and every month at least a week before the due date.) My questions are:

1. They've sent it to me twice now. Do you think they'll send it again before they take serious action? (If so I've officially put in a change of address form so it should come to the apartment.)
2. Do you think I'm going to have a hellacious fee for being late?
3. Do you have ANY idea how to find out who I owe this money to? It isn't to my doctor it's some place they sent something to. I don't even remember what it was for unfortunately.
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why do my eyes randomly burn?

this started just a few weeks ago. it used to be that when i used the A/C in my car, my left eye would get all irritated by the dry air. my left eye is still the worst but now both eyes do it. and now it's completely random. all i can do is try and make them water a lot and (if i'm driving or something) do my best to keep them open.

i don't wear contacts or eye makeup. what's going on?