September 21st, 2003


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Does anyone know what happened to

It used to be a site full of really funny stories about these two guys, but now it seems to be something about parks and recreation. I understand that the domain could have changed, but surely they would just move the site, even if they weren't updating? I did a Google search and all I pulled up where directories indexing the old site, which is now that park thing.

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who's seen the movie the ninth gate?

what's your interpretation on the blond girl?

i think she's the devil, because the book is supposed to conjure the devil and you'll notice that she's always there.
and it would explain the end of the movie.

what do you think?

first post!

i love this community. you are all giving me food for thought.

here's my first question:

do you consider a secret kept if you tell someone who doesn't know (or will never meet) the person(s) involved?
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What's a good way to explain federalism and the constitution (don't use complex words) to a foreign exchange student in America?
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I am looking for cheap accomodation in Sydney from 28 dec to 22 jan for one adult and two children. I am open to suggestions and am willing to look at anything although I am looking for a cheap apartment to rent.

Can you help?
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so yesterday i was just standing in a store, shopping with my mom, and all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, my nose started bleeding. i never get nosebleeds. well, i think i may have gotten one when i was really little, but anyway, i haven't gotten one in a long long time at least.

it was really gross and really sort of gushing out, and bled for a pretty long time (at least 15 minutes steadily). does anybody know of reasons why my nose would start bleeding when i'm not prone to nosebleeds?

and no, i don't do cocaine. :P or other drugs. i am, however, anemic, but i don't think that would have an effect. *shrug*
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economic questions...

what is personal outlays?

how do you calculate Indirect business taxes? (National Income is not given either)
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Does anyone know the name of a New Orleans singer/performer called Leon ....?
I don't know his second name but he was on the Jack Dee show and was pretty cool, anyone know who I might be talking about?

sugar burning.

some friends of mine and i were having a discussion about sugar and the caramelization process. one of them said that when simple sugar is heated, it begins to change into other sugars. apparently, a total of something like 120 sugars are formed in the process.

is this true?
if so, at what temperature does the change start to take place?
and how long does it take to start happening?

don't worry, this isn't schoolwork...

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