September 19th, 2003

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vet question...

how far do you have to drive to your vet? what would you consider "too far", in regards to posing a risk to your pet &/or convenience?

right now, i'm looking at a 2.5 hr drive to the nearest vet. not that i have any pets at the moment, but it's the one foreseeable prevention to my ferret-buying. it's not problem convenience-wise, but risk-wise.

(something similar posted in ferretlovers)
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(no subject)

Has anyone here any experience in making leaflets who would be willing to give me some tips and have any of you got web sites or know of any sites with examples of good leaflet lay out etc.?
leave your turntable on

(no subject)

I had a floppy disk in my backpack, and a few days ago, I had a bottle of lotion in the bag, and it got all over lots of things in my bag, including my floppy. I wiped the lotion off, but I'm afraid that my disk may be messed up. Will it be okay?
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dos games on xp?

My husband really likes the old dos games, and I was wondering if I could get them to run on win xp? I have tried using the dos prompt window, but they fail. I have heard that their is dos emulator programs. Has anyone used them, and would this be more successful?

(no subject)

ive recently sold something on ebay, and for the first time an overseas bidder has won (from USA.. im in AU)

whats the best way to go about receiving money? its not much..

ive only payed with paypal not received.. anyway used to this stuff?

Nerdy Inquiry

Those of you familiar with the underpowered N64 game "Perfect Dark" will likely remember the character Mr. Blonde. I thought I would make a (vain?) effort to acquire a costume resembling his wardrobe for Halloween. Does anyone have any suggestions on where such things could be acquired? I'd appreciate any input!

The following cuttag will show you a picture if you wish to see how silly he looks. ;-)

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