September 18th, 2003


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Why can't there be more things in the UK that they have in the US?
People keep recommending products to me but they only ever seem to be available in the US which after shipping costs me twice as much as it would for someone in the US. There are a lot of times when I buy from the US because it is cheaper due to currency etc. but whenever I really need something I can't bloody get it - Did I miss the memo, is the UK isolated from the rest of the world?!
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Why would the clock on this PC keep going wrong?
The clock on this PC keeps going about 10 minutes slow, I have to correct it about once a week to the correct time, it's a pain and has made me late for work a few times.
I didn't think it was all the common for the time on a PC to go wrong, certainly not slow down - what on earth is happening with it?
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Why is it that it's perfectly fine for politicians to bash the President in any way they see fit, but if a celebrity so much as makes one small anti-Presidential sentiment the world is up in arms and just totally freaking out about it?

I think that's a little hypocritical.
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I have two Yahoo accounts, and I'm getting sick of signing out and signing in over and over again. Is there a way around this - maybe to receive notifications at one account when I receive mail in the other? Any help is much appreciated!
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how unusual is it for a girl to go into college without ever having had a boyfriend or being kissed? (because I feel compelled to confirm my loserishness.)

And when you use four-letter words, do you say you're cursing, swearing, or cussing? (I'm a cusser--I think it's a Southern thing...)
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A while back, someone in one of my communities posted an article that responds to this e-mail forward. The article discussed the need to move beyond the tyranny of the majority, and listed some statistics. I know this seems vague, but if anyone has any idea where I could find this article, it would be a big help.
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A friend of mine brought an article to my attention, where in Germany there is a proposal to give voting rights to citizens from infancy. But then the parent would vote on behalf of the child until the age of 12. (So why bother)
Well getting to the point, what do you think should be the optimum voting age?
- Sub question - do you think mandatory voting is wrong?
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Don't freak out

I live on 15 acres in the country, so obviously we're going to have random critters running around here whether we want them or not. We have some hamsters, but we built a cage for them outside. I walked out there earlier and there was a huge rat in there. He zoomed out when he saw me. I know it's gross, but that's country life. So here's my question: Will a rat eat a hamster?