September 16th, 2003



Does anyone here know of a website that indicates daily where in the zodiac each of the planets, sun, and moon is? I'm doing an experiment that needs that information. (Or rather, will be doing, once I find that information.)

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is there an html code to make it so that someone can't right click (so as to save) a picture from my page?

and how do you show html code to someone else, if you were explaining to them how to do something, without it being converted? cuz if i type (what you can't see cuz it is being converted) it will make this bold rather than show you < b > minus spaces.
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Ever play those word equations? Like....
52 C in a D = 52 Cards in a Deck
8 S on a SS = 8 Sides on a Stop Sign

Anyway, can any of you figure this one out? Its driving us nuts!!!!

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what's the title of that one Beatles song that goes "you have to admit it's getting better/oh yeah, all the time..."? They played it in a car commercial, and I don't know what it's called.
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bunch of college questions.

I am graduating from high school in August of 2004. I'm nervous that I won't be able to get into a college for the first semester so soon after graduating (I don't want to wait around home until the second semester begins in January).

So, can I apply to colleges before I've actually finished all of my courses?

Is it harder to get into a school if you're not from the same state?

Anybody here go to college in Virginia Beach?


I learned HTML years back, and had never heard of CSS until I started fiddling with the LiveJournal.

What's the difference between CSS and HTML? Are there some disadvantages with one, or advantages with the other? Or is one not compatiable with...something?

Is it worth learning?

(*edit* I meant CSS, not CCS. x.x;)
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