September 11th, 2003


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Yahoo! messenger doesn't seem to be telling me when I receive new mail - does anyone know if they have changed YIM so that it doesn't notify users of new mail anymore? I haven't messed about with any settings and I can't find anywhere in the preferences which could get it working again - really these days that's all I use YIM for, to tell me when I have new e-mail.

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What happens when something we eat becomes 'endangered'?
Examples being Cod and Bananas, what do the people who study these things and take care of these things do to insure that they won't run out or die out?
What makes something reach a point where they are possibly a concern - aren't there people who regulate these things?
What are we supposed to do, if anything?

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Does anyone else get really excited about stuff in the mail?? or is it just me?

snail mail is so much better than email sometimes hehe... sorry.. just really excited bout a package im expecting!!
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Art image

Has anyone ever seen the art image of a couple of ships sailing off the edge of the world? It's a beautiful picture depicting the theory of the world being flat.

I'm hunting for this image online or hunting for a place I can purchase this picture at. I just don't know who the artist is or what it's called.


What are types of Computer Crime that World wide networking promotes? (or makes possible/easier)

  • Hacking - stealing credit card details and using them
    - getting peoples files
    - sending viruses
  • Sharing illegal files
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    conception questions for the ladies

    How fertile are you after getting off birth control (pills)? I've heard 10% will be preg after one month off, 20 after 2 and so forth, but wouldn't it be dependent on how long you were on BC to start with?

    Also, what about miscarriage rates? Logically the longer you're pregnant, the more likely you are to have a full term child, but is there any chart on probability anywhere?

    (Sorry to bore some of you, I'll have something more interesting later...)
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    Two questions. First off, why do you get muscle spams?

    Second, this was a journal question from my US History class today. If you could go back in history and see any three times, events, etc. in history, what would they be? We were supposed to do US history, but not everyone here is from the US so I guess that doesn't apply. Oh, and you can't change history.
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    Have you/would you ever drive down to Mexico? Not just across the border to Tiajuana for the day, but like down to Cabo or someplace like that? Just wondering if it's safe...

    Making an "Intranet" with a Database

    What would I have to do to make a database that employees (and only employees) can access on the internet? For instance, if the office wants to be updated on projects done while an employee is on the road (for time sheets and pay roll and such), they would need to be able to type in a password to enter into the area where they would type in several fields of information. They would then send the info into the database, where it will be retrieved by someone back at the office.

    Can someone tell me what all would go into this? Or, since it is probably a bit extensive, can someone recommend a good book dealing specifically with this task, one that could walk me through all of this? Would this require Dreamweaver UltraDev?

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    Where exactly is Russia?

    Yes, this sounds like an incredibly stupid question, and just might be. But my sister asked me if Russia was considered part of Europe or Asia.. and I had no idea. Is it both? It never occurred to me that a country can be in more than one continent.. I bet there's more examples of this too..


    Is Desperado the sequel to or the remake of El Mariachi?

    For some reason I always thought it was a remake, since El Mariachi was super duper low-budget. In some places I read that it was the sequel and that Once Upon a Time in Mexico is the third in a trilogy. But I've also seen that listed as Desperado II...

    Has anyone seen El Mariachi?