September 10th, 2003


Trouble with MP3 files

I've been using Kazaa Lite++ for a while (before I used Grokster), and I've encountered something that completely confuses me.
It happened when I was trying to download Shania Twain's Forever and For Always; I was able to play the first few seconds of the song, and then would hear a very annoying, loud garbled noise. My first assumption was that Twain's new CD is encrypted some how (though I had never heard of this type of encryption before), but I later found that a) the Up! album (that has that particular song on it) is not on one of the lists that I checked for encrypted albums, and b) I eventually found a version of the file that worked on my computer. It took six or seven tries, but I have found a version that plays on my computer fine, without any problems.
I dismissed it as something peculiar to that song or album, but was baffled again when I found that the same thing happened when I tried to download a 3 Doors Down song. I think it was a newer song, but I'm not entirely sure.

So does anyone know what's going on? Is it my computer (Windows 200)? Are these songs coming from encrypted CDs? If so, why was I able to find a version of the song that worked on my computer? Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
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A question on behalf of the boyfriend...

And forgive me in advance for my technical terms... I don't know any of them, so I'm going to do the best I can to get my point across.

Basically, he has a keyboard that he can use to record himself playing music (forgive the poor grammar)... I think it's a pretty decent one - something like 16-tracks. It has a drive for a floppy disk and that's what he uses to store any songs he records.

His question is this - is there a way to take the songs off of the keyboard through the disk and put it onto a format on a computer? So he can record stuff on his keyboard, take it to a computer, and format it so he can burn it onto a CD?

I told him that more than likely, it would require a piece of software and some cables, maybe, to plug the keyboard into the computer. But I obviously don't know too much about this sort of thing. So he asked me to ask my livejournal friends if they knew of any way to do this.

I don't know what kind of keyboard he has (other than it's fuckin' huge) and his computer is pretty decent, but it's not top-of-the-line.

So what sort of software/cables/other such stuff would he have to get? And what would be the approximate cost for all of this?

Thanks in advance and all that fun stuff. :)
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How hard is it to make a corset or bodice? I'm a beginning sewer and am gradually getting better. How much does it cost in fabric and materials to put a corset or bodice together?


I have a Uni presentation next week, on WIPO and apart from the presentation and report, I have to make a handout. Everyone pretty much just photocopies their info and hands it out... but i wanna do something original.
Any ideas??

I have access to colour printer, laminator, binder....

Im thinking something creative... to try n make this boring topic.. unboring..
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ok lets say you add someone to yoru friends list on lj...happens all the time....and they go to the same school as you and then you think you see them passing you 90% sure because they have a pic of themselves in their journal and then (well im in a computer lab) and you see them checking their you say hi or no?
all the lies

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does anyone know where I can find the full script of the movie One Hour Photo? I'm doing my communications paper on it. Any help is greatly appreciated! And oh yeah, I've googled the hell out of it and all I get are movie reviews.

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questions of 2 differnet topics

topic one.
my bf is constantly worrying about his health, and death. he thinks something's wrong or will be wrong with him. he already been blood tested and the doc said he's fine. but he's still worrying.

from my point of view, anything can happen to you any second. but doesn't mean i'm sit around and worry about it. i don't think tell him just to live the moment and 'just don't worry' helps. from what i know, he so scare of dying b/c he has a lot of to look forward to in the future, and he's afraid he won't be able to do those things. i told him before that while he sits here and keep worrying something might happen to him, he'll miss out on the other things that are happening. but he's still worrying. what can i do? what advice do you have for me and him?

topic two.
my teacher called me an "emotional imbalanced kid" and he ended with a "just kidding". i can't help but having this feeling that he meant it anyway. i've been really upset lately in his class b/c it's an ap class and he's not doing his job properly [if more than half of the class is doing bad, then the teacher's not doing the job.]. i don't understand the works, constant tests and quizes he's been giving, and it's really frustrating for me. i cried quite a few times in his class. and what he called me does hurt, do you think i took his comment too seriously?

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today at the grocery store we bought prickly pear cactus sections from the produce department, out of curiosity. i took a bite out of one and it just tasted like aloe vera ...i imagine they need to be prepared in some way or another.

so, what do you do with them? how do you prepare them? do you cook them and if so, how? anyone know of any recipes?