September 9th, 2003


A friend of mine actually came up with this, but it's so 1337 that I can't resist posting it. I probably would have eventually thought of it myself anyway, being so irresistably philosophical and all.

Is the glass half empty of water, or half full of air?
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There is an episode in Ally McBeal where Robert Downey sings a Bruce Springsteen song and Kimmy and her mum thinks he is singing about them. Does anyone know what this song is called?

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I have some 9 year old Almond Oil. I need to use some for my wooden flute (the oil hasn't been opened in years, I just got this flute). Do you think it's still good (ie, unspoiled)?

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You know those dirty things that you find/hear in Disney cartoons? Those things that are sneakily added in for the entertainment of the pervert in all of us?


The penis in the "sandcastle" on the cover of the Little Mermaid box
The "Good teenagers take off their clothes." in Aladdin.
I have also heard of, but not witnessed, the word "SEX" in a cloud of dust in The Lion King and Ichabod Crane's ponytail going erect whenever he is around the chick.

Is there any other ones, Disney or no, that you have seen/heard about?

Weird question, but I'm posting it anyway...

Lately I've been listening to Mozart's Requiem a lot. It's like, my new obsession. So I got to thinking about the weird song in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You know, the movie. If you don't know the movie, then you'll have no idea what I'm talking about...but if you do, then read on and maybe you can help me...You know that part where the monks are walking around in robes, hitting themselves on the head with 2 by 4s and saying something like "Bee ay essoo domeenay, something something requiem!" over and over? Well what's up with that? What is it?
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I bought a CD secondhand from a user on, I got it today, it worked ok for a while but it's now jumpy and when I put another CD in that was jumpy too.
It wasn't said to be in perfect condition, but good condition, and if my CD player has been damaged I'm not going to be very happy about it.
So how would I make a complaint about the user who sold it to me?
Is it worth making a complaint?
Any way of fixing the CD because it was a Honeycrack CD which is sort of hard to come across?
How do you rate a user on amazon?