September 8th, 2003

peter pan (credit - isabellecs)

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this is a question for my friend...

when she rides her bike for more than about... fifteen minutes, her right ear starts to ache. is it the wind? what's a good way to remedy this? would stuffing cotton in her ear help?

thanks ^__^
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So yesterday I was at Walmart, and I started sneezing uncontrollably, and my left eye started swelling (underneath) and running. bad. so eventually, after about a half hour it passed. but the swelling didn't go down.
When I woke up this morning, my eye was still kind of swollen underneath (like where it should be sort of hollow) and a little bit purple. I also felt very sinusy... I looked it up on Google, but couldn't find anything specific.
So, um, what's up with that?
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so i'm trying to get over this guy who i REALLY like, i find out he might someday want to get back together with me (although he doesn't like me??) he ignores me when i see him, except when he's around his friends that are are you confused?? cause i am!

do you ever have certain songs that make you sad? or artist? for some reason goo goo dolls songs make me sad....and make me miss things...same with that song that steponme26 mentioned, rock-a-bye...why do they do that to me?? and there's songs that make me really happy too, like back at one by brian mcknight, and chem6A by switchfoot, and here in this diary by the ataris...

what's that thing in the bathtub called?? it's like the thing you pull up on to make it a shower, and you push it down for it be from the tap thingy??? whats it called???
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