September 6th, 2003


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There was a film, I assume associated with Paramount because it was on the Paramount channel a while ago. The film was something along the lines of an end of the world/nuclear war sort of story where people were mutating into furniture.
Anyone any ideas about what I am thinking of?


I am currently trying to install a message board on my website and it is asking me...

Install Invision Board (1/3)

Where do you want to install today?
A top level directory with this name will be created during installation.


So what do i put?

Also, in your opinon, which message board is better, Invision or Phpbb2

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what's one thing your parents did or are doing that is really stupid?

i don't know how to do an lj cut, so i'm just gonna write my answer here:
i have a really good friend who i met at camp. he lives about a half hour away from me. i'm 17 (well 23 days) and i can drive. i want to go visit him tomorrow. (he can't come out here, cause he just turned 16 and doesn't have his license yet) but my parents won't let me! my dad's like "you need to make friends locally. maybe if you get together with a friend around here, we might let you go tomorrow." i was just like "yeah sure, i'm gonna call someone and say hey you wanna hang out cause all of my real friends live too far away? yeah right." oh, and this friend is my reccent exboyfriends younger that's another thing. but still! i don't care! yoshi doesn't care. me and masa just wanna see each other!!!!! sorry, i'm rather pissed about this right now
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why do the inside of car windows get like a film.. well not so much film.. but they get dirty or something over time.. i don't smoke but have to clean the inside of the windows every few months, because when the sun comes in, it looks terrible.

what can i use on the inside windows that won't streak and will clean them??

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Food question

What exactly is hominy? Is it similar to corn? I found a can up in my cabinet and I cooked as per the instructions on the can and it's rather tasty.
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