September 4th, 2003


I am in the UK. If I bought electrical goods from a chain store (PC World) and I bought it "as seen" do I still get the years warranty that I would get when I normally buy something?

I bought a laptop and it went wrong after 4 months. They told me it was in good working order and the only thing wrong with it was I needed to buy a windows disk (which I did at £180) and now four months after I purchased it when I turn it on the screen just stays black.
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making mix cds easily

So what is the easiest way to make mix CDs?

What I had done in the past was convert CD audio tracks to .wavs with Winamp, then arranged them in Easy CD Creator and burned them- piece of cake. I just now downloaded Winamp 2.91, and allegedly it allows for the ripping of CD tracks to .wav... but I can't figure out how to do it. (Options -> Preferences -> Plug-ins -> Output -> Nullsoft Disk Writer or anything else in that category does NOT rip the songs when I go to play them. There's probably something simple I'm missing, since I ripped just fine in previous versions of Winamp.)

My main problem is that I don't want to keep coming back to the computer to change CDs; I want to set the computer to burn and have it make the CD without any more guidance from me. Should I stick to the "changing CDs" way, as opposed to the ripping of .wavs? Do the audio tracks lose any quality when I rip them to .wav and then burn them to a CD?
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religion question x-posted

Do you think that encorporating other established belief systems into your own personal belief is okay? Do you think that it is rational, acceptable, and/or a believable faith if you take what you want from a religion and leave the rest?

For instance, is it "okay" for a wiccan to use catholic saints in their symbology? Is it okay for a Jew to see the Bhagavad Gita as a Truth worth endearing?

Or more specifically, is it "okay" to encorporate another religion into your already established religion and still define it as the orignal religion? To reverse the first example, if a Catholic sees nature as worth adoring as being God and/or use spells to help them "pray," should they still call themselves catholic?
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(no subject)

Just a basic opinion question.

Would you consider gum food?

My school's banning it due to the fact that people can swallow it, so therefore they believe it's food. o_o;
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(no subject)

There is a cat who has been lurking around our property lately. It's very thirsty, very hungry and very lonely. It used to have a collar, but it doesn't any more, and we've seen For Sale signs in the area where it's house was, so we think the owners moved away and left it here.

My family has never owned a cat before. We don't necessarily want to keep it, but the poor thing's really hungry and mewing at the door. The only animal food we have is seeds for our rats and some older dog biscuits. What can we feed this cat?
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a quick question

So when i open up one of my folders in windows, like my C drive, it says 37 objects, plus 6 hidden.

How do i find out whats hidden, or look at whats hidden?????

Also, any begining webdesigners looking for something to work on that they can show off.....PLEASE!!!!! I need a site designed and i just cant figure some things out..