September 3rd, 2003

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Anyone have a brownie recipe that involves beating the egg whites into a froth? I had these awesome melt-in-the-mouth brownies that my mom got from a catered party ... And I'm trying to figure out what made them so good. ... So far I think it might be whipped egg whites, but I'm not sure.



i've got a question...

who out there wants comments more comments than they are getting on their journal? who wants less?

i'm curious becasue sometimes i feel weird commenting on someone's journal that i don't frequently comment on, someone i don't know very well. but maybe it's just me, and they appreciate my commenting, or maybe they're thinkin, "now who is this person?"...

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Could someone please tell me if it's absolutely necessary to take your GREs? Does every college require them for admission? Or is it only certain schools? Are they as "important" as your SATs?

I'm thinking I want to go back to grad school by this time next year. But I don't know anything about the GREs or whatever. Hell, I don't even know what they test you on or anything... so if someone could clue me in, I would much appreciate it. Also, if you could suggest some good websites about the topic??? :)

Sorry for the x-posting!!!
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computer problem

Does anyone else here use the internet via cable modem service?

Here's the problem--we have a Motorola Surfboard Modem that is not rented from the Cable company. The person that installed it said that modem was basically crap, but we've had 3 other repairmen in that said that was one of the best modems out there.

We had an outage for a few hours today, and the phone tech said our modem was crap again. After reconfiguring all the wires, basically hooking and unhooking everything, our internet is back again.

What's everyone's opinion on this?
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so, i'm taking a philosophy and religion class this semester, which is interesting and i'm enjoying it. however, i'm already having some troubles...

would anyone like to explain st. anselm's ontological argument for god's existence in laymen's terms for me? lol. i just get so confused.

thanks a bunch!

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i have yahoo mail.
is there any way to block emails with attachments? i've looked in the filter options and you can only filter things based on text. are there attachment-related options elsewhere?

Internet Explorer help

Please help??!!??

I need suggestions on how to fix my Internet Explorer. For almost a week now it has been behaving awfully strangely. It's almost as if it is not accepting the commands fast enough. The pages won't scroll properly. If I try to type in a login box, it has a lag time. It makes navigating through web pages extremely difficult.
Do I need to redownload IE? I recently updated and have no other problems with my PC other than IE.
Is it possible that it's my connection? I am still on the caveman's version of the internet, dial-up.

One happy bunny again

Hey everyone, I just wanted to thank y'all for all your help regarding my computer collapsing on me yesterday. I have been at my wits end, and the shop I bought it from even recommended I buy a new one!

However all is fixed now. All it was, was I swapped monitors with my brother the other day and apparently Packard Bell don't like you using other monitors - I mean, how selfish?!! So I just thought I would try the monitor I gave my brother and it worked fine!

Thanks again for all your advice:)
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