September 2nd, 2003

Nothing's wrong... right?

Alright, I just defragmented my drive and ran a virus-scanning program. No problems.

So why is my computer still doing strange things?!

And why isn't my CD-burnier working? That's the most precious of all my computer's componants, and it's not working. Goddamn it. Sorry, that's a stupid question. I just had to get that off my chest.
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Even though I have a sweetheart whom I dearly love, I still felt jealous recently when a friend told me he found a new gal to date.

Do you ever think of your single friends as yours, then get jealous when they date other people, even though you yourself have your own love?

Is that selfish of me?

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You know, I've known about the whole baseball comparison with a relationship thing for a long time now, but it struck me that I'm not really clear on what each base is. In fact, the only one I know for sure is the whole home run bit. Could someone enlighten me?
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another lyric qustion

in a Guns N' Roses song ("Pretty Tied Up") there is the words, "cool ranch dressing" though i've been told it is "cool and stressing". At any rate, either way, what is the point? I just don't get it. is it cool, yet stressful to be bangin' a chick that likes it rought? or is there dressing involved in the rough stuff?

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In the U.K. they are advertising the American version of the Ring, I'm wondering, if they are only going to make two films what are they going to include of the story in the two films when there were five films in the originals, what part of the story will they be missing out?
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Missing Child?

I'm sure some of you have seen that missing child alert going around on LJ.

Does anyone have any info about what happened?

I just tried to go to the origional entry about it and it was deleted. Was it fake or something?