September 1st, 2003

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What are some good animes? I've seen Trigun and Gundam Wing, and the Cowboy Bebop movie will be arriving via Netflix very soon. I've seen bits of FLCL, the craziest show ever, and Blue Gender did nothing for me. Any other anime viewing was all one or two episodes of random shows a few years ago when I wasn't into it enough to pay real attention or understand anything.

I'd like to be able to watch a few eps before buying, but if buying is the only way and it's a ridiculously good anime I'd probably be willing to do it eventually. So, what should I watch?


Does anyone here still use Kazaa? And for those of you who don't use it, is there any better alternative? Where do you get your music and media if not Kazaa?
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Does anyone know what song is playing on that one 10-10-something commercial (I think it's 10-10-220)? It's the one with the guy standing on the roof...I hope that's enough information...pretty distinct. I think it's an older song; I remember listening to it on the radio a while back.
By the way, the actor that does those commercials was in some kind of sit-com, I think. I know I should remember which one, but I can't. If anyone can remember what else he's done, I'd be gratefull.

Give us the bird (advice, that is...)

What would be the most humane treatment for a baby bird that we have rescued for the night? It has very limited flight capabilities, is missing MANY feathers from its breastbone, and it is quite cold outside.

Right now it is in a box that it cannot get out of, and it is with feathers for insulation, bread, and some water. Is the consensus to let it go, or to keep it? If we do keep it for a few days, what should we know about taking care of it?

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What could I use to change the colour of my furniture?

I'm decorating my room, which has to be red to match the god awful carpet my mum gave me because I can't afford a whole new carpet...
I have a nice new wardrobe from a friend but it won't match the rest of my room because the wardrobe has a sort of blue wood stain effect on the doors. I don't want to use gloss because I don't like the look of it, and emulsion is no good for this sort of thing- any idea what I could do to make it red without using a gloss or an emulsion or having to spend too much money?

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One of my friends is having some computer trouble and can't figure out how to fix it. . . here's the post on it from her lj.

My stupid windows/MIE keeps on putting up this content advisor window bullshit.

It says:

Please check your Content Advisor settings for missing information. Click the Tools menu and then click Internet Options. On the Content tab, check the Content Advisor settings.

And now it won't load up ANY web pages and somehow it's set itself on fucking goody goody two shoes bullshit mode.

I am fucking PISSED OFF at this.

Fucking Windows 95. I wish that my newer computer didn't fry in that fucking thunderstorm.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?


people's behavior can be extremely annoying! tell me how should i deal with them?
i'm so close to smashing the tv yesterday...

secondly, when you tell someone about how this person is behaving, their answer is "it's just a phase". is that an acceptable excuse?
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