August 31st, 2003


What do women in nudist colonies do when they're on their period? I suppose they could just let the tampon string dangle . . . but what if it got caught on something? And they can't wear pads because that requires underwear.

Maybe they just "let it flow."

Any ideas?
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Evil XP popups

Windows XP has the bloody Messenger popups that try to get the user to buy these popup blocker programs. Is there any way to disable these demonic things? They're driving me insane! -_-'
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so heres a totally random question. what's with snoop dog's newly found interest in acrylic nails? if u look closely in 50 cent's music video where they have the whole pimp club thingy goin on...he has them. i thought....hey. mabe its for the video...they are all goin overboard w/ the pimp thing for the vid (which is effing great lolol)...but then he has them in something i just saw on the vma's again. since when is borderline drag a symbol of your mad pimp-ness?
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all the lies

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does anybody know about Feng Shui? Or can direct me to a goodsite that has everything I need to know about where to place what in a bedroom, for example. I have googled like a madwoman and only get sites that you have to pay for "consultations" and whatnot.

thanks to anyone who helps!