August 30th, 2003


i remember reading about a prank involving hooking up the clapper to someone's computer. then makin em freak out when their computer goes on and off bwahahahahahaha!

so, what are some great pranks like that you peeps have done/know of?

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Is there a time limit on prescriptions?

I've had some for a little while which I couldn't get filled because my free prescription form ran out, so I've been without important pills and still haven't got my new forms to get the prescriptions filled. I can't go back to get new prescriptions either just in case my GP thinks that I don't need them...I'm having enough trouble getting them to help me as it is without them thinking I'm getting any better (which I'm not).

So yeah, anyway, how long can I keep prescriptions before they won't fill them out for me anymore, anyone any idea?


anybody have suggestions on how to get over someone, after a breakup?? and no, i'm not one of those people who finds the humor in an answer like "go out and have sex with a random stranger". (and if you wanna read my interesting and informative rantings on this particular subject, go visit my journal!)


heres a question ive seen around, but have yet to find an answer to (if there is an answer):
if its zero degrees outside today and its supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, what will the temperature be tomorrow?

ive thought about this a lot for a few months and never came up with anything. then the other day in geography, my teacher said, in a lesson about weather and such, that there is no such thing as cold, there is only the abscence of heat. likewise, there is no such thing as darkness, only the abscence of light.

i just want to know whats twice as cold as zero degrees.
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