August 29th, 2003

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what is up with the CD hanging from the rear-view mirror?

Is it because it is a good CD?
IS it because it is a bad CD?

IF it is so good wouldn't you be playing it?
IF it is so bad why the hell would you promote it?

I think it is a very silly idea and not completely thought out.

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How do they make sorbet?
Does frozen yogurt taste nice?
Do you prefer sorbet, ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Personally, I like sorbet, red berry sorbet...but ice cream is still nice too :o)
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Im seeing a clairvoyant this weekend, and i was wondering if id need to ask any questions?
and from past experiences.. what do you suggest id ask?

I've never been to a clairvoyant before but ive always wanted to.. the session goes for 40minutes n she reads your cards n even records the session on a tape..

also, Does anyone have an freaky/cool/wierd/interesting experiences with clairvoyants?
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Apparently on Law and Order tonight (no, I didn't watch it really. . . just saw the first 3 minutes, and the reading of the jury's verdict) these parents had a little girl (not sure how old) who was sick (presumably with strep throat) and she ended up dying, basically because their religious beliefs said "Hey, if she's sick it's what God has intended for her, and if he wants her to get well again, He'll heal her." and so they refused to consent for any medical treatment. QUESTION being - How do you all feel about this kind of situation?
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